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‘Everything that is not, will crumble very rapidly’

TODAY: Dull, crisp, silent, wintery

WORD: Grace

COLOUR: Ice-white



I am on the outside – looking in


Do no be disturbed by the sudden shift in your schedule and your bodies very different needs. This has been a long time coming. Self care is becoming more and more important. If your attempt to live as you have done in the years that have past, you will become fragmented, exhausted, weak and unable to enjoy this time.



‘Creation is about thought and thought is about focus and focus is about feeling and feeling is about guidance and guidance is about alignment and coming into sync with who you really are.’ Draco

We are part of a world energy movement that is propelling forward rapidly, towards a boundless future. Our journey is taking us rapidly forward, sometimes with a slight wobble…Know and understand that change will come. 



‘There is more of the same to come – adapt!’

We are all experiencing emotional upsurges. For each of us it is different and therefore we manage it differently. This time on earth is a tremendous gift. Old structures and paradigms must fall away as the scales swing and consciousness shifts…

With the Winter Solstice and Christ-Mass only days away, make sure to take time for deep breaths and rest time. This time of year is great for completing old business, for dropping regrets and resentments and working on forgiveness, which will allow you to move forward more rapidly. 

I send you heartfelt  blessings for the coming Solstice and Christmas and I pray that 2019 transports you safely forward towards rich joyful experiences! 


“Something is disintegrating, and old forms are falling away. What once seemed so important no longer is.” 

AFFIRMATION: “Please forgive me, I love you….Thank you”


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“Let this moment kiss the most raw and

tender spot in your heart

until you cannot help

 but surrender.”

Chameli Ardagh


TODAY: Wintery

WORD: Discernment

COLOUR: Golden



‘God….was in the food they ate, in the water they drank, in the air they breathed, in the Earth they trod on and died on, in the words they spoke, in the sleep they slept and the dreams they dreamt, in the everywhere and the everything…’

Albert Wendt – Samoan Writer 


Much has happened since 12:12:12, and at lightening speed. Yet for many it seems as if life has remained much the same. There is fear, doubt and disenchantment, even disbelief about any positive changes or ‘new planet’ showing up. We look at the news or posts on FB and we see cruelty, ugliness and a total lack of love for anything on this sweet Earth. 

If you think back…it has been suggested by many sources, over and over for us all to clear the decks, look to thyself, do the ‘work’, heal yourself, let go of what does not serve, surrender, release old negativity etc. 

Yet, many have sat there waiting, wanting to show love, and expecting to see a shiny bright ‘new world’, with little personal effort involved. Have you become more centred and aligned. Have you cleared old stagnant patterns, let go of old dramas and negative relationships? 

Perhaps the many do not know how? We must each find our own way…

glastonbury sunrise:_n

I have constantly reminded people, that it would get much worse before it got better! Those entrenched in the ‘old ways’ using power games, fear based tactics or control, because of their greed – are not going to simply stop, hand over power and wealth to the masses, or change their way of being! 

What is occurring now, for most nations and the collective consciousness, is exposure of the TRUTH. Not easy to face, either.

From the cellular to the world itself, everything around us looks to be in chaos. Which we need to understand. This is how it must be, before real lasting change can manifest. This is how we evolve as a species and as a planet. It will take time, much more time…



In the past year especially, I have become an observer. Having spent many years preparing talks, speeches, lectures & presenting information of possible ‘happenings’ that are only now unfolding. I en-lightened, supported and shared. I spoke for years about change, how to prepare yourself properly, of events on the way, of new keys to consciousness and more. 

This week a friend announced to me; “nothing is ever going to change, its just what you have chosen to believe…” To that I say; be very aware of how this year has unfolded, be observant. I suggest you use more discernment with the overload of information pouring forth. Look at the global picture from a higher perspective. 

Yes, there are many concepts to swallow and politically you may need to put all the scaremongering and ‘drama’ aside, but be alert and aware of what can, is already, or is yet to unfold, on Earth…

As dark powers continue to hold on tightly at any cost, including death, destruction, distraction, control – in a variety of ways, know that we can be affected if we are not physically and spiritually prepared. 

Sit quietly and watch, be clear of mind and body. Keep working on yourself, in the best way you know how…


“Sometimes the hardest but most valuable thing to do is nothing.” 


Become as clear and clean as you can and become more self assured about what you do believe. Be compassionate and aware of the many belief systems out there, and remain strong in your own choices. 

Judge nothing but keep an enquiring mind. Be as compassionate and understanding as you are able…Become the watcher, the listener, the Beacon of Truth and Light…show others how. Eat right, rest, get support and assistance or guidance with inner work. 

Allow for symptoms, which continue to create ups and downs, as we go though the final months of this turbulent year. There will be more political and spiritual changes. There are a lot more ‘surprises’ to come in 2019… 

New ways of learning, sharing and understanding must happen on Earth for us to truly shift…The present ways currently understood and ‘worked’ are from the ‘old’ world.

AFFIRMATION: “I am divinely guided always…”



A Second Wind…

Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead.
 Louisa May Alcott


A cooler morning. Fine mist above the taller trees. I see fine wet cobwebs…The day feels soft and delicate. Or is that me. 

ONE WORD: Gratitude



I have thought often of my Blog page and those who follow my posts. I want to apologise for not writing any recent Blogs…but where has this year gone. We seem to have travelled though time at supersonic speed.

I have faced many challenges this year so far, physically and emotionally. It has been that way for many. A year of change with no more sitting on the fence.

I have also reworked and polished my book about my childhood in S.Africa during apartheid, (yet to be published). There was more work there than I thought when I typed the last word! I am doing my final read/edit and am happy with it. It has taken 18 months to complete. It has been cathartic in many ways and a real struggle too. Who would have thought!

‘Colonial Africa – white men with their exclusive clubs their cocktail parties and their delicate wives.’

Ann Cleeves  

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life.

Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

Joseph Campbell

My path has become a deeply spiritual life and for that reason, solitary…The energy of Glastonbury and the ‘free-spirit’ attitude (I am a city girl at heart), has allowed me time and space to do a deep level of inner work. While writing it became clear why I am here at all…I often wondered.

INSIGHTS: The final months this year will continue to challenge and surprise us all. Be aware of your own limits. Many of us need time out to find a ‘second wind.’  There will be days when we feel overtired, overwhelmed, too lethargic to go about our usual routine…I have learnt to pay attention to my needs and rest. I hope you do the same.

AFFIRMATION: “I AM powerful, loving and unafraid…”

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A Tug Of War…

“Our feelings and emotions are like the tides of the ocean, 

never constant, but ever-changing and as unpredictable as waves.”

DAY: Bright, heavy with heat

WORD: Thoughtful

COLOUR: Aquamarine

FEELING: Alert, timeless. Since the Solstice I have felt the energies vary and shift frequently. After that day when the energies felt very powerful, I have experienced moments of feeling stretched and expansive, yet other moments of real physical sensitivity and discomfort.

The sudden arrival of coach loads of visitors to the town, to enjoy the warm summer days, has brought a feeling discord in the town…This will pass.

BODY: The warm sunny days have brought me a deep sense of wellbeing and joy The nights too hot to sleep restfully. Reading until 2am and in the stillness of the early hours, I was filled with deep reverence and peace… a quiet joy. And So It Is.

COLLECTIVE: Waiting. It feels as if the world is at war; different countries, differing groups, individuals, youngsters, teens, entire families and some at war with themselves! I am beginning to see more clearly and understand that it is the ‘old’ ways of ‘being’ dropping away. We are observing the many hanging on tight, with what they know to be familiar, because they feel safer living with that.

Life right now is a tug of war between the Old and all that is New, which is as yet unknown.    

INSIGHTS: Its important to spread our thoughts and beliefs in a loving and peaceful way, for the future to regain balance and harmony. Sit quiet and find your own answers. Find what resonates, what you feel in your heart and trust that to be your best way forward.


Live Today…


Let go of what has passed. Let go of what may come.

Let go of what is happening now. 

Don’t try to figure anything out. Don’t try to make anything happen. 

Relax, right now, and rest. 





Green – Today, after using every tool I know, to feel ‘better.’ I saw in my minds eye, during a meditation a Green Heart, the colour becoming deeper and deeper…

After, I reached for a bottle of my Colour Matrix – Green Heart of All Things – to use myself…it felt so right! I sprayed around my heart, all of my body, then the room. I felt uplifted, lighter in my heart…



‘Most days it looks as if we live in the comedy zone dimension, filled with scary clowns.’

Gillian Macbeth-Louthan

I have become more aware of what I watch (TV/You Tube/News/Twitter etc) and have begun to read less about what is, what’s coming and what is ahead. This way its easier to stay true to my authentic nature. I am also far more attentive of the foods I select, using the best quality food and drink I can afford. This way we can remain positive, fresh and light. 

There are times when we all run back into old tired patterns of a well worn path, because as we step towards what is said to be all light, we find ourselves in a place of confusion, sadness and fatigue… 


‘Your body will need all the help you can give it to integrate these new energies.’

Celia Fenn 

While integrating new energy, I usually feel sensitive, feel everything too deeply and  then I sense what’s coming next – I feel ill at ease, often ’sick to the stomach…’ and my heart cries out to the world! 

On such days I rest more, and give myself what ever feels right to get me through, knowing that ‘this too shall pass…’ 


‘Many of us are ashamed by the actions of our species.’ 

If we don’t become attentive inside our own personal ‘bubble of life’, we will go through phases of being unable to manage our lives. Many may reach rock bottom before change becomes possible (been there), others will burn out, many will simply leave… 

For myself, I use techniques and processes daily. I meditate, listen to my body and pay careful attention to my needs. I often stay home for weeks, when the energies are fragmented out there…here in my own safe haven, I am assured of a feeling of balance and harmony.

There are times when one has to dig deep to stay ‘real and true’, to stay in that balanced place, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Making sure that self talk is not angry, frustrated, forlorn or defeated… 


“Your soul knows the geography of your destiny.”

John O’Donohue

You and I can not save the world! Does She need saving (another subject)? We can save ourselves as we live though this extraordinary time on earth, by being aware, not of others and their needs – but our own.

Sit tight with big decisions. Focus on what you wish to let go of – job, home, name, friends, relationships…Do not let doubt or uncertainty stop you.

Make peace with your choices, make space for what’s coming. Allow. Embrace all that is coming towards you and who you are becoming. Begin to find where you belong, listen to your heart and go where you feel led to be…Go!


“I am perfect just the way I AM”



“If you’re really listening, if you’re awake to the poignant beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly. In fact, your heart is made to break; its purpose is to burst open again and again so that it can hold evermore wonders.” 

Andrew Harvey 

TODAY: The day is undecided – rain or dull heavy clouds. I feel chilled, silent, deep, touched by Gods constant rain…There is a fine mist outside, the earth sodden, the world asleep.

WORD: Expectant



“I became aware of my destiny: to belong to the critical minority as opposed to the unquestioning majority.”

Sigmund Freud

Restless yet lethargic. Am I awakening to a more realistic view of life on earth? My Heart is filled with love and awe, as well as disappointments and sadness. Am I misunderstanding or simply misunderstood.


Unsettled. Dealing with the death of my brother. Renewal in progress, processing emotions. Sleep comes and goes, days fly by…are there enough hours to just ‘be’, to feel, to know, to understand then to integrate and rest… 


“Would you like to save the world from the degradation and destruction it seems destined for? Then step away from shallow mass movements and quietly go to work on your own self-awareness. If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself.”

Lao Tzu

I am sensing that in the past few weeks, we have begun to regain balance and strength. Yet, there will be days when we feel overtired, overwhelmed, too weak to go about your usual routine…then rest, be kind, allow yourself time to regroup and refresh.


‘On this path you will find yourself many, many times resisting with every fibre of your being just being here. There are places that will open in this blossoming which you would not want to open.’

Chameli Ardagh

Life is hurling ahead at a speed that none can understand or believe – yet much time has passed and we are being reborn and almost able to ‘see’ a new vision with new eyes. I feel the changes hourly and understand the many fears and uncertainties.

‎”Throw back the shoulders, let the heart sing, let the eyes flash, let the mind be lifted up, look upward and say to yourself…nothing is impossible!”

Norman Vincent Peale