by divine-design

Remembering and Forgetting…


The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness, has a quality impossible to describe….

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


A reminder to myself….

‘Love is every where and yet we close our eyes bury our heart and march on…..on with what is old, tired, familiar and in so many ways gone…..gone forever and that is what you most fear….

There is a lack of desire by most humans on Earth at this time to see, to feel and to truly recognise the subtle changes happening in their own bodies at an accelerated speed…These changes are very obvious and yet still you hide from what you are becoming, or are already.

Its time to accept that a ‘new time’ is here, has begun….and that, alongside with this ‘new time’ there will continue to be constant change, that will perhaps continue for the rest of your lifetime on this sweet Earth.

For as long as you are unable to face this or surrender to it, so will the challenges both physical and emotional continue to delay your smooth Rite of Passage.

You talk daily of shift, of ascension, of light, of crystalline bodies, of ‘off planet’ Beings and express your desire to see and meet them! You talk lovingly of Angels, your light bodies and then you ponder on God, Goddess, of a world in the process of powerful change and the movement of the very Earth beneath your feet! And yet still, you as an individual expression of All That Is, resist falling to your knees in reverent surrender……as you lift your eyes and cry out a resouding “YES”.

The influx of ‘new time’ as an energy is constant. In every nano- second there is change. Breath it in and let go of the way you are living your daily life; as a grind, as an old tired routine….and adjust quickly to all that is new, unusual, unknown, even uncomfortable.

There is a need for you to ‘catch up’ and begin to incorporate into your day, that which you feel and know is much needed for your own alignment and harmony, as your emotions frequently wobble, along with your world.’

Channeled June 2013


4 thoughts on “Remembering and Forgetting…

  1. Keep speaking the Truth, Tara. So many are asleep, and even within the “awakened” circle so many still have such fear. Yes, what we have come here to do is challenging at times, and yes I have hit my knees on more occasions then I think I could count.
    THANK YOU for stepping up to the podium and speaking. IAM your sister!


    • Thank you dear Amy for your encouraging words…This can so often feel like a very lonely road. I never know if I am reaching anyone at all with writing my insights down, yet I have deep faith that all is unfolding perfectly. I feel truly blessed.


      • Tara, there have been so many times I have just wanted to give up. Yet something within me just will not allow that to happen. I “see” that we, the forerunners, came up with this truly brilliant plan to spread out throughout this world, in order to create this amazing Light Design which eventually will encompass the whole globe. Yet, in our brilliancy, we did not realize how lonely this path would be. Our Plan is to encircle this globe of Blue with high frequency Light, that which is known in our hearts as LOVE. My Hope is that we begin to find each other so that our loneliness comes to an end. Do you know of Aisha North’s changelings? She has a wonderful group of people who support and LOVE one another……..this is where I go many times. IAM one of the main encouragers and I also receive encouragement in return. I do not feel so lonely anymore. IAM intending that the forerunners begin to find one another in the physical world, not just here. I will not let go of that Hope. Love, Amy


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