by divine-design

Spheres of Life…


The destiny of man is like a wind blowing faster and faster

Only the strong will maintain, the rest will have to recede…

Stuart Wilde.


DAY: grey, dull, whispering, dense, holding on

WORD: truth

COLOUR: palest soft pink

FEELING: processing – forgiveness – disappointments

BODY: improved, coping well…

THE COLLECTIVE: Old history begins to disappear, to create a new arena for what is to arrive on your Earth. Illusion is dying. Holograms, Gateways and new spheres of life are moving towards you.

INSIGHTS: The indigo children send out the unspoken messages to gather. In the streets, on the lands in the ethers. However, your speedy communication system will be curbed, this will be temporary…


I move silently through life.

This allows me to change into who I am becoming.

Through silence I develop a deeper understanding of my own philosophies.



2 thoughts on “Spheres of Life…

  1. I have been “feeling” the increase tempo and velocity of the “winds”. Everything in my life seems to be swept up in this huge wave that is going faster and faster. I just wrote about it on my blog, Petals Unfolding, in the article titled Time. And here you are, writing what you did. Perfect synchronicity!

    Nice! Love to you, Tara, on this New Day!


  2. this is pefectly prosed ❤

    I especially have felt the forgiveness. In my emditations the angelic trumpeting seems to blow pink petals into the wind…the palest pink and fare rose hues. I have seen these cross all the land in the winds. change. forgiveness. thank you for your beauty.


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