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And the Wind Blows Through You…

“Give me everything mangled and bruised, 

And I will make Light from it to make you weep. 

And we will have rain, 

And begin again.” 

Deena Metzger


DAY: dark, resting, settling, sodden, still, damaged

WORD: blessings

COLOUR: pale violet

FEELING: grateful, humbled

BODY: tired, slow, regrouping, aware

THE COLLECTIVE: We as a collective are responsible for the unfolding consciousness. Each one of us. All of us make a contribution. So you see, meditation and spiritual practices keep us aligned with this purpose. WHich allows our lives to feel connected and synchronised, rather than in disharmony. Disharmony caused by lack of heart, and without meaning or direction, and with that, no peace within….

INSIGHTS:  Its a good day to do a prayers and invocations of Gratitude…Time to be more connected to the Higher and the Collective. This is not only about what will unfold for you personally, its about unity consciousness…You are too separated from what’s really happening with others.


I emerged from silence, asking the unavoidable question:

How, now, shall I live?

What is Spirit asking?

Deena Metzger