by divine-design

New Template – New Earth


 “And in the moment betwixt the breathing in and the breathing out is hidden all the mysteries of the Infinite Garden.

Angel of Air, Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,

enter deep within me, as a swallow plummets from the sky,

that I may know the secrets of the wind and the music of the stars…”


DAY: heavy, slow, silent, sleeping, waiting

WORD: integrity

COLOUR: midnight-blue

FEELING: empowered, aware, awake, enlightened

BODY: stronger, alert, integrating, balancing in each and every moment

THE COLLECTIVE: please know that anything less than LOVE and ONENESS with all things, will not pass by the gates to the ‘New World’. The energy waves has risen to such a profound level that it feels to me, at times too much to bear, yet we have succeeded thus far… we are more than we think we were…

INSIGHTS: ‘let us tell you that the complexities would be beyond your minds comprehension and are even vaster than your body mind could hold in vision. We therefore ask you to trust that every detail has been considered. Every level of reality has been considered, each belief system respected, all humans, animals and all living things on earth, drawn into this mighty endeavour…’ via Ashtara

The body has received many mixed signals, many conflicting truths and it is in overload. All of this seems to be taking on a life of its own. All of humanity is in overload. All circuitries are encumbered. Earth is at an intersection of time and has become a clearing house of energy and information. Gilliam McBeth-Louthan


3 thoughts on “New Template – New Earth

  1. Bless you, Tara! Again, this speaks deeply to me. I just wrote an article about facing our fears and how to recognize them for what they are. In doing so, we free ourselves. Oh yes, we are SO overloaded. This is the very reason I have made a world away from the world, and I limit what I do read on the internet. I am solid in knowing who I am, yet in the reading of so much, confusion so easily creeps in.
    May your day be Beautiful,


  2. PS You are my 55th follower. 🙂 CHANGE.


  3. Dearest Tara, it seems as if wordpress again does not know math. Glitches galore lately.

    Anyway, it seems I am mistaken, and you are #54. Even better. For my Life # is 9, and together, I “feel” we bring #1 in to existence. All is connected. One just must SEE it. 🙂

    (((HUGS))), Amy


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