by divine-design


Magic & Miracles…

“There are those days when it’s hard to put one foot in front of the other,

but those are the days when champions are created.” ♥

 balancing act

DAY: wind, heavy rain, cleansing, preparing 

WORD: acceptance

COLOUR: ruby red

FEELING: unsettled, tired – the 4th night of broken sleep with unpleasant dreams. And on waking, a sense of not being alone…hmmm.

BODY: processing, dry sore throat, headachy, unsettled

THE COLLECTIVE: we ask you to be patient, discerning, and concentrate on your own wellbeing; mental and physical, as well as focusing on spiritual balance to further prepare you for your new chosen world.

INSIGHTS: our physical bodies, as well as every particle of life on Earth, are being accelerated in energy, vibration and consciousness to the maximum that we can manage. Let us trust in magic and miracles allowing ALL to filter into and through us…