by divine-design

The Fullness of the Journey…


Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.  

– Kahlil Gibran


DAY: dark, cold, waiting

WORD: acceptance

COLOUR: diamond white

FEELING: over tired, exhausted. Lack of sleep this night.

BODY: needing more rest, headachy, scratchy eyes and ears.

THE COLLECTIVE:  I get a strong sense that we are shifting in each and every moment! Some days life and what we experience are moving so quickly, that we barely notice what happens around us, but we must! Being present in every moment is paramount to the fullness of our journey, our experiences within that journey, and even in the lives of those around us. Own all your emotions, be touched and inspired, whilst you take one last look at the patterns and habits that need to be shed!

INSIGHTS: Its a good day to do a prayer of Gratitude. Are we too separated from what’s really happening with others?

Precious Diamond With Rainbow --- Image by © William Whitehurst/CORBIS

‘The reason why most wear out

is because they don’t know how to transform the beautiful things around them 

into energy and enthusiasm.’

Joseph Sadony

4 thoughts on “The Fullness of the Journey…

  1. The quote by Joseph Sadony…….were you by any chance listening to what I was saying yesterday? Tara, you are exceptional!



    • No dear Amy, it was my Birthday yesterday and so I did not get to reading all my emails etc. I do ‘tune in’ to what others are feeling and ask my highest aspect to give me what you all most need…I pray that is assists even one, such as yourself. Blessings xo


  2. this is very in tune to what I am feeling and seeing around me. Staying present. moment by moment. beautiful


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