by divine-design

Enter a New Time…

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parting of the waters :man

DAY: frosty, crisp, bright, opening

WORD: settle

COLOUR: deep turquoise

FEELING: present, aware, focused, connected

BODY: recalibrating, floating, deeper awakening

THE COLLECTIVE: we are living life now on many levels, many layers. On a cellular level we are re-balancing or restructuring ourselves to bring ‘us’ back together…

‘This weekend you have the opportunity to be ultra aware of what still needs to change within you, and with out. Please remember that we are being fully supported in these changes… This is the time to be brave enough, and to be very honest with yourself. See clearly, speak clearly, act with the purpose, authentic to who you are now, not who you once were’ Anara WhiteBear

INSIGHTS: its important to spread the word, our beliefs and our energy, in a loving and peaceful way for the future to regain balance and harmony. Sit quietly, find your own answers. Know what resonates, feel in your heart and trust that it is your best way forward. Potential, purpose and life lessons. Enter a NEW TIME…

 And when the light touches ground there,

it will put down deep roots that will keep it there forever and beyond.



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