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What you most need to create is a collective cohesive network of Light, a collective Web of Truth and a gentle surrendering from All

Then let us hold this in place for those who are yet to wake, or those who are in fear and overwhelm.

Let us be kind and gentle, let us be aware and most of all let us be true…



DAY: dull, dense, cool, heavy

WORD: cohesive

COLOUR: green

FEELING: quiet, distant, distracted, mellow, happy

BODY: well rested – slept for 10 hours, itching skin in places, foggy head

THE COLLECTIVE: we are shifting dramatically, and this, along with all the changes and behaviours of those around us, we (unknowingly) resist and we fear…because its so unlike us and so unfamiliar! Ultimately, it will bring total transition.

INSIGHTS: There have been moments during these past weeks and months, when I have wondered seriously if there IS a place where I ‘belong’, or need to be? Where I can still be of service and be appreciated, at the same time fulfilled. Perhaps I am too ‘far out’ or far ahead for ‘the many’ to understand me?

I know that from our every cell, to the World itself, everything is in chaos! Which must be do, before any real change can manifest. This is how things evolve. But it WILL take many years yet. This makes us who are ‘tuned in’, or sensitive, feel somewhat overwhelmed, which leads to discomfort and frequent unpleasant symptoms in our bodies. Also, periods of loneliness, isolation and feelings of disconnection…and through that, we can begin to doubt our own choices or abilities…

On a higher level of our Being-ness, its about allowing, accepting and recognise that the ‘old’ images we hold of who we were, are changing!

Again – ‘Suffering arises when we cling to that which is changing’. Came to me this morning….



Author: Ashtara

'All my life I have yearned…' Andre Breton For a period of 15 years, I was the Principle of a well-known school in South Africa, the ‘Academy of Holistic Therapies’ which over time transformed into a place of deep spiritual and personal development, known then as the ‘Centre of Creative Consciousness’. My life changed suddenly and I moved to England in 1999. Not long after my arrival my long term reIationship ended abruptly and I developed serious heart issues. What followed was a 7 year period of death and rebirth... It led me along a path of deep introspection and growth. Through this experience including 2 near death experiences, I was forced to step into a new life, eventually giving me true understanding of who I AM and a more committed path. I moved to Glastonbury, believing then that it was to discover more of what I was searching for. Instead it has been yet another level of my own unfolding and my need to go deeper within, living a quiet solitary life, each day clearing the way to finding deeper levels of awareness and truth. All this moved at an ever changing pace towards truth and change as I released the past with forgiveness - gently guiding myself through all of the many challenges to a place of deep understanding and peace… This has allowed a very rich and beautiful connection to All That Is, an ability to tap into reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom, never before accessed. My desire is to support others in their ‘Awakening’ bringing love and understanding to many lives as they remember who they are. I care deeply about our planet, the animal kingdom and all sentient Beings during this time of dramatic change and Spiritual r/evolution on Earth. During the 7 years I realised that I enjoy being a 'modern day Alchemist' with a passion for working with colour, potions, remedies, tinctures, energy and vibrations. I was guided by Spirit to create a range of high vibrational colour essences, known as the ColourKEYS System. I see these ‘jewels’ as the unfolding of a 'story' yet to be revealed…They are a wonderful tool to support and assist those seeking the true path towards their destiny. I am at the completion stages of writing my first book, which will be published early next year. It is the story my extraordinary childhood in Africa.

5 thoughts on “Transition…

  1. Tara, you are not alone in how you feel. Of late, for months in fact, I’ve witnessed my husband fighting every step of the way, the change within that wants to make itself known. The chaos that had ensued has been a nightmare. It became as serious as he wanting an apartment of his own, for he just did not want the life we have, anymore. He’s running. Locked. Miserable. Angry.

    It has taken super human effort on my part not to get sucked into the drama. Yet, there have been times I did. I had to “meet” the resistant energy in order to “calm” it, to “transform” it, and it was like taking a wild stallion, eyes rolling in fear, bucking in terror, and getting that stallion under control. Exhausting. I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I would make it.

    Yet, this morning, a Deep Peace ensues. There has been a shift of momentous proportions. This I embrace fully and I rejoice and AM so Grateful! Very appropriate for this to be Thanksgiving, and instead of bone-breaking fatigue, I have Gratitude instead.

    I know this is a long one. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all you do, and to tell you, your words really are carried with me. I too look around me, asking, where are all the others who are at the Place IAM? Who are like me? Spread out around the world, that is where. And we meet “here”. 🙂

    With Love and a Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Many of us fear letting go of that which is old and familiar. We each need to experience and accept that with these massive changes, we are no longer the same partner, parent or friend. A break away from each other for a day, a week, even months will give the time needed to recoup, rethink and shift once more. There are instances too, where we have to be courageous enough and truthful enough to say; “thank you for this time together, these experiences, but I need to move on…” Its all part of our own evolution… Be in peace my friend x


  2. Dear Ashtara This is beyond beautiful – the heartshaperd dew-drop in the clover leaf and the words – I think many of us are before our time – but perhaps we’ll be “stored” for the right time when our collective energy will pull the world up to the 5th dimension?

    Love and Light and Blessings in Abundance


    From: by divine-design To: Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2013 4:15 PM Subject: [New post] Transition…

    Tara posted: “What you most need to create is a collective cohesive network of Light, a collective Web of Truth and a gentle surrendering from All Then let us hold this in place for those who are yet to wake, or those who are in fear and overwhelm. Let us be kind an”


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