by divine-design

Comet Ison – Upgrading Frequency…


Now is without a history.

The correct time is now, and the only enlightenment is now.

Any now can be as simple as a breath of air,

or as complex and overlaid as a profound meditative reflection.
Jose Arguelles


DAY: bright, blue sky, crisp, chilly

WORD: awe

COLOUR: ruby red

FEELING: anticipation, aggitation (processing), accepting

BODY: restless, anxious, expectant, on edge

THE COLLECTIVE: upgrading their frequency

INSIGHTS: as the planetary frequencies are being upgraded as symbolized by Comet Ison (lifting our consciousness into solar consciousness via activation of fifth-dimensional radial plasmas),  we find it increasingly challenging to remain in the old form.  We find that many earth-based family units adhere to, consciously or unconsciously, a system of control that keeps each other in lower frequencies (Some even become defensive in maintaining this frequency).

When a family member tries to break out of this low frequency bandwidth and crystalized personality, other family members might become threatened and try to convince them they are crazy for having such urges. This is why most of the great spiritual masters were called to leave their family in order to discover the deeper truths.

These masters chose to step away from the familiar to unite the whole, planetary logos and to serve the Higher Universal family.This is a greater level of sacrifice of the individual happiness for the sake of the whole.

It was the mission of such messengers as Buddha, Christ, Quetzalcoatl and Muhammad to purge the world of errors and bring the individual and society to a state of nous (divine mind). To do this they had to first expose the false assumptions that are handed down through the generations; then break down the beliefs and prejudices to reconstitute minds with truth that lies beyond opinion, which are meaningless in light of the divine spirit.

The breakdown of individualistic ego structures, acquired habits and conditionings is necessary for a collective shift of frequency into higher consciousness.

The masters understood this world as a holographic reflection, so that when one touches on that level of reality it spontaneously lifts up the whole.  Without the sacrifices made by these great teachers, the whole of humanity would remain in darkness repeating the same conditioned cycles.

(written by 13:20: Frequency – this resonated deeply with me)


2 thoughts on “Comet Ison – Upgrading Frequency…

  1. OH, Tara, you truly have brought tears to my eyes this morning. I have been without contact with my biological family, except for my Dad, for many years, due to they living in lower frequencies that hurt so much, I could no longer even speak to them or write them. It was quite the loss, but freeing in so many ways. Same scenario with my husband’s family. No contact. On those extreme rare crossing of paths, my spirit shudders, for they are still living in the “old paradigm”. And that hurts.

    Today, my friend, I write on my blog, a reflective and grateful article, sharing my Purpose in hubs’ life, and the “NEW Growth” I have recently seen in him. Yes, this has taken years to unfold, and no, I didn’t think I would last his “dark night of the soul”.

    Today I reJOICE! His spiritual eyes are opening. For the JOY!!!

    I walk the Path of Yeshua, for he has been with me all my Life. As a child, I used to go to an otherworldly place where many other children were as well, all at our Friend’s feet, listening to him as he taught us. These children are on earth today. Walking the Path of Love and Peace.

    IAM so grateful for your work. IAM so grateful that every morning I come here, drink up the beauty, the words, the gorgeous photographs, and bring all that with me on my day. Thank you! From my Heart.

    Love, Amy


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