by divine-design

New World Rising….

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I dare to enter the NEXT WORLD joyously 

even if I am afraid of the vast void in front of me.

Aluna Joy


DAY: strong winds, rain, cleansing

WORD: openness

COLOUR: magenta & gold

FEELING: at peace with life…moving through the void

BODY: disrupted sleep patterns, lethargic through the day, yet energised and feel a new reality being birthed

THE COLLECTIVE: Yes, it is easy to doubt, to worry, to tighten, to lock yourself away! I ask then; when will you ready yourself for the new, with open heartedness and love When then, will that be?

INSIGHTS: If you are unable to trust All That Is now, what then? This is what you yourself (on a soul level), have requested and created…Look back to where you have come from….see how you have been supported in recent years, see how all that you have desired is beginning to slowly seep into your life…Hold that vision and move into trust and love, for what has been lost, not all would have been for your gain…


Most of all…I dare to GIVE MYSELF back to GOD 

Even if I am afraid I might lose myself.

Because losing myself to God makes all the other things
I think I need to DO or BE…


Aluna Joy

One thought on “New World Rising….

  1. In loosing my Life, I have found Life. In loosing my Life, I have found God. And so it IS.


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