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The Solstice – New Alignments…

‘For this is all about the new you starting to announce its arrival,

we think you would not want to miss any parts of that rebirth.’

Aisha North

space fantasy. star

DAY: dark, wet, waiting, movement

WORD: anticipation

COLOUR: royal purple

FEELING: a sense of anticipation

BODY: sensitive

THE COLLECTIVE: the Solstice is a Gateways. and once these have opened you will begin to live your ‘new work’ and purpose….as will many who are working along the same time line as you are…You will begin to have a full acceptance of your part(nership) in the next step of the Earths evolution. Be in peace my friend.

INSIGHTS:  The Solstice (21st) brings a new movement as well as new tectonic plate re-alignments. These alignments may become many, but will be of a lessor power and in a gentler time release patterning…there is a symmetry at play in accordance with the Ascension of Earth.

Old history begins to disappear, to create a new arena for what is to arrive on your Earth. Illusion is dying. Holograms, Gateways and new spheres of life are moving towards you, so too, does the photon belt position itself in perfect alignment.

Ancient cultures hold the Earth steady while many run for cover, feel fatigued or in a state of imbalance. Those few who shine the brightest, busy themselves in preparation which will directly affect the many.

Love will conquer all, even when we feel stretched beyond our human capabilities. Do not be afeared to show love, to be love, to embrace love. Without love and higher light in your heart and mind, this grand plan can not succeed. Ashtara

 The Vale is at its thinnest thus far…

you will begin to see more and know more…

and you will remember…