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Looking beyond the obvious…

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“If the world were merely seductive…that would be easy. 

If it were merely challenging… 

that would be no problem. 

But I arise in the morning…torn

between a desire to change the world…

and a desire to enjoy the world. 

This makes it hard to plan the day.” 

E.B. White


DAY: dark, wet, icy winds, washing away the last of the old…

WORD: precious

COLOUR: crisp white

FEELING: I AM looking beyond the obvious

BODY: charged with new energy, needing to balance this and relax more fully.

THE COLLECTIVE: oh the joy I sense. This is so exciting, so timely. Oh dear ones, it makes me fill with pride at all your effort your courage…I weep with joy for you all.

INSIGHTS: look beyond the obvious and seek higher guidance on a daily basis. New energy will enfold you over the next several days and you will be ready for a new beginning.


One thought on “Looking beyond the obvious…

  1. I’ve had feelings of “endings” today, a sadness in general that life as I know it, I want changed. This information really encouraged me, Tara. I seem also to come to a screaming halt in what I “hear” so to have that return would be an occasion for JOY for me.

    Thank you again, for all you do!!



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