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Stars and Snowflakes…

who then are you?

and who am i?

if not more than stars,

and something less than snowflakes… 

the breath of a god,

who chooses to be unnamed.

the croak of a frog,

the moan of a dying branch…



DAY: quiet, bleak, soft rain

WORD: satori (awakening)

COLOUR: pink

FEELING: reverent, focused, peaceful, grateful

BODY: quiet, settled

THE COLLECTIVE:  in the grand scheme of things, in the world of business, or living life day to day, much will change, constantly and very rapidly too…and it might feel too fast, too daunting, too uncertain, even unsettling at times. But know that all is well.


INSIGHTS: We will have the desire to perhaps judge, and panic as our own personal world has its foundations disturbed. That will be the exact moment when you need to be prepared to ‘step up to the plate’ knowing that change was coming, yet understanding that some time in the future, all will be well…

And that will be the very time to support others too, with a kind word, a cup of tea, even the offer of a meal or simply to calm and reassure. It will not be the time to fear or complain or rant…We must expect anything and be happy to ‘handle it’ with our hearts wide open and truth and integrity intact.

Banks may change or even fail, money could flow to you very suddenly, or perhaps disappear for a while. Heating or water may be in short supply, there may be more demonstrations and other ‘events’ that are too numerous to mention. Stay home, bake bread or a cake (if you don’t know how, learn), close the curtains, sit quietly in your own home and just ‘be.’ Allow it all. If you have to leave your home for a time, be prepared for that too.

Travel less in the next year. Learn to conserve, to use less, desire less…Learn to cook with less ingredients. Expect food stores to run out of fresh supplies in the next few years. It may not happen, but know that it is a possibility. Learn to be clever, creative and at times thrifty. You have all the gifts you need to lead others towards a New Planet…

Ashtara-Ra (Taken from SATORI – the SUMMER EDITION – 2013)

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Requests for my Newsletter…

‘Let us travel over the Rainbow Bridge together

with love in our hearts and deep humility within….

How utterly blessed we are to be part of all this!’ 



Happy New Year to you all! I know this is going to be ‘our’ year, the year of The Horse in the Chinese horoscope, and definitely one where we are all more prepared for our next chapter!

This is an open email, hoping to get some interesting feedback from each of you!

Reminder of the intro from my last Newsletter, SATORI- Nov, 2013:

‘After careful consideration and a little sadness, I have decided not to renew my annual Website Hosting fee for my Newsletter, SATORI. I have written thousands of editions of Newsletters, in various forms and formats, from different countries, with different names. Not only the Newsletter, but I myself have changed names and evolved…’

Ok….since then, it has come to my attention, especially in the past few weeks, that there are a huge number of people who would love the Newsletter, SATORI, to continue! Now, the interesting bit is that I thought I had cancelled the Hosting contract, but, it was actually renewed for a further 2 years!

My Blog, ‘By Divine Design’, on WordPress, has not yet brought the interaction I had hoped for; to encourage us all, to focus for a few moments as we begin our day, and to get a true sense of how we are each day, not just me and my thoughts…but YOU too!

I feel that should I decide to rekindle the Newsletter, a totally new format should be created. What do you think? And…what would you love to see in the content of it? I could also move the Blog to the Newsletter website, as one friend suggested?

I would appreciate if you (who were subscribed for several years, or if you would like to take a look at past editions), would take just a few moments to think on this, please…give me your honest feedback. If you have moved on…and are not interested…please ignore this! Or, perhaps let me know and I will take you off the original address list. If neither the Blog or Newsletter is for you, please just say that…

And if you are one of the many ‘keen followers’, then, hey, lets do this! Please add if there were any particular interests in the Newsletter, that you would like to continue, or maybe discontinue…in the Newsletter content!

I must admit; there were times when I wondered if my own input, time, cost, effort and commitment were worth it for me…or appreciated…I rarely got feedback. Yet, once I stopped it, I began to receive requests for it to continue, I looked more closely at the number of followers, and I was very surprised and felt deep gratitude. Thank you!

The intention of my writing was always to support, and to make the path forward lighter, and with more information, less fearful for you. Whatever you decide, or where ever you are on your path of life, I wish you a truly joyous and divine 2014!

Love & Blessings, Tara (Alorah) xo💓 

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