by divine-design

Understanding and Acceptance…

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“The sun shines not on us but in us.

The rivers flow not past, but through us, thrilling, tingling,

vibrating every fibre and cell of the substance of our bodies,

making them glide and sing.”

John Muir


Mandela said “there is no easy way to walk to freedom, we have to go through the valley many times.” Yes we do, to enable us to get to where we are headed for. Powerful but totally true!

What is it that blocks you, hinders you, waylays you, discourages you, inhibits you, frightens you, distracts you and even stops you from the road you most wish to travel? This path that takes you to self discovery, self acceptance, self realisation, even re-birth and finally ascension?

The planet is changing! This we know now for sure. We can see it, feel it and many are living close to it. When for a brief moment, you really look at the ‘big picture,’ do you get a sense of the shifts, the changes and transformation happening? All you need to do is take a good look around you, perhaps at your own life, your neighbours, the news, as well as the  ‘untold’ news and the planet herself.

Many more of us are beginning to understand the size of this transformational shift, as the pace of living has become more and more rapid. Faster than we expected and often confusing and difficult to understand. We are confused about tomorrow, the future, the world. There is fear, uncertainly, as well as excitement and physical manifestations of these shifts happening.

Our bodies are still being challenged, as our souls seem to be going ahead of us on this journey. Headaches, vertigo, ringing ears, itches, heart flutters, changing weight, great fatigue, and lethargy are the order of the day for the more sensitive ones. But, you have no time to waste, no time to ‘dilly dally.’ Spiritually we are at the doorway to a new world and YOU are meant to come along on this ride! Are you coming?

As this year gets underway, we need to feel good about seeking out whatever support we need and begin to  understanding that this is a new life we have created, here on earth…You may consider a mentor, a friend, a soul mate, a therapist, a facilitator a ‘way-shower’ who resonates with your truth, to support and guide you, no matter who you are, or where you are on this path of life…

Remember, no other person can make you change, grow, move or stay, influence you, treat you badly or dis-empower you…without your permission. As we become more of who we are, we begin to realise that this is not our birthright, or our truth. This is about you and you alone! This is about trusting yourself, as you move steadily forward, some times ‘testing the water’ as you go…

It is a year to embrace a deeper level of caring, with more open hearted sharing, compassion, joy and love, love, love! We are learning to accept that we are all worthy! Learning to love ourselves day by day, including our faults and flaws.

Once we make new choices, we can begin to live totally in the ‘new’, which is NOW. We will learn to slowly forgive at the deepest level, gently bringing about our own personal healing, letting the past go and becoming totally free…

When you finally accept yourself, also others…and your own destiny, so you begin to live more richly, in a place of deep truth, with peace, respect, joy and passion!

Know that today and always, you have the power to choose!




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