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Testing the waters…

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“You have arrived. There is nowhere else to go.

You are where you ought to be.

There is no future and no past in this moment.

But you make it holy through giving yourself.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


DAY: rising waters, cleansing, raining, saturated earth 

WORD: blessed AM I, blessed AM I, blessed AM I…

COLOUR: silver-gold

FEELING: happy, grateful, humble

BODY: holding, supported, recalibrating, craving chocolate…

THE COLLECTIVE: As you shape-shift, this can bring about a sense of extreme mental and physical imbalance. It is a necessary part of the process which will lead you to a new reality. Keep yourself in a constant state of balance. Do this in the best way you know how…you will be guided…

INSIGHTS: On certain days it will seem to be more challenging for your ‘old’ mind and body. We suggest that on those occasions you rest, allowing mental rest. Find a peaceful method or place where you can take time alone to recalibrate certain thoughts, or old mental patterns.

‘We have begun to emerge in a calmer space of “still not knowing”

and yet we are starting to be quite OK with it all.’

Aluna Joy


One thought on “Testing the waters…

  1. I’m in the “extreme”. I keep trying to get some grasp of the insanity raging around me, but it is just not possible. I keep saying, “This is really not happening.”

    I’ve even questioned if what I am doing is any longer worth it. Is anything worth it? It seems my energy is blasting others, and it is not pretty. I do not mean to do this. And yet it is.

    Does anyone anymore even really know truly, where all this is heading, if anywhere? I have been shaking my head the entire time I am writing this.

    Now to my Yoga mat. And breathe.


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