by divine-design

Morning has broken…


“The love will always flow and you will create a world of your dreams.

A world of love, a world of connection,

a world where everybody begins to love each other.” 



We all know by now, that this is a time of great change! We must all, as One, stand up and accept that we collectively have come to Earth to make the changes that Mother Earth needs. The entire Universe must work as One and move up/shift into a new world.

It has, thus far, taken patience, courage, faith and understanding of what has already unfolded in our bodies, hearts, minds and lives…we have supported many, without knowing it, as we have been deep inside the eye of the storm…often times, going back down into the power of the storm and its consequences…

We have been tested, often going beyond what we felt we could endure, we have wept, puzzled, angered and called to our God/dess for support and help…Only now can we begin to feel and understand our own destiny and the destiny of the Earth, ignoring the controlled and contrived reality shown to us by governments and leaders. We in our hearts, know the truth, we are beginning to remember why we have come, we are beginning to settle into our path of service.

We must all start today to step forward and slightly ahead to lead…slowly, carefully with great compassion, humility whilst shining a bright Light. A Light that will be like a torch for others, that will show them, even in the far distance, the path to follow without fear and without perhaps, even fully understanding why they are drawn to follow that Light…Many may even shun you, run from you and privately ridicule you because of their own inherent fear of these rapid changes…

Stand strong and tall even when you falter and stay focused and dedicated on this path…you are being divinely guided and you are loved for all you have come through, to reach this place in the here and now…

You are honoured beyond measure, your own Guardian Angel is constantly with you. Be no longer afraid, you have done well! Rejoice, sing, laugh, quicken your step for you are almost there…

Home dear ones…home!

Message received by Ashtara-Ra


2 thoughts on “Morning has broken…

  1. Beautiful, Tara. Just gorgeous! Love this!!! (((HUGS))), Amy


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