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Beyond the Veil…

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“The heart of knowledge originates beyond this world of letters and language.

It comes to us from that world

where speech is without sound or sign.” 

Rumi – Fihi Ma Fihi


DAY: fresh, brighter, changeable, sodden,

WORD: belonging

COLOUR: golden-green

FEELING: upbeat and positive

BODY: happy

THE COLLECTIVE: All that life holds needs to be viewed more seriously and in a more sacred way. This is your opportunity to show the world how you have listened, how you have worked, how you have honored and that you are finally ready to accept the position you asked for before you arrived here. This is about ALL of you…

INSIGHTS: *Look beyond the obvious and seek higher guidance on a daily basis. New energy will enfold you over the next several days and you will be ready for a new beginning and more dedicated ‘work.’ The world is living in 2 realities simultaneously.

Many Souls are leaving this Earth. In places Earth is shifting its teutonic plates. Waters are rising. Gaia is reacting…She herself is changing her guise, her structure. More and more support and love is reaching Her and where She feels this, She reacts. 

Rest in the knowing that soon, very soon your voices will be heard, you will arise en-masse….as a ‘group consciousness’ of the Divine Mother…You will do this unknowingly, but with a sense that you are no longer alone. There is great love!

Worlds within this world are opening as the veil thins. Angels, Masters and off planet Beings are all around you holding, assisting to advance your DNA, your energy systems, the technology and science.

Important Gateways, for eons of time known only to Masters and the Solar Logos….will begin to open and a Master or Masters will step forward into your world! This will surprise or shock many. When this happens your new planet will have arrived! It will be set and aligned fully in the new world frequency. There may be mass reactions. But peace will slowly begin to settle in most places on Earth. But you knew that….

*Channeled message via Ashtara


“The Emerald Tablet is a direct passage to the Soul of the World.”


Author: Ashtara

'All my life I have yearned…' Andre Breton For a period of 15 years, I was the Principle of a well-known school in South Africa, the ‘Academy of Holistic Therapies’ which over time transformed into a place of deep spiritual and personal development, known then as the ‘Centre of Creative Consciousness’. My life changed suddenly and I moved to England in 1999. Not long after my arrival my long term reIationship ended abruptly and I developed serious heart issues. What followed was a 7 year period of death and rebirth... It led me along a path of deep introspection and growth. Through this experience including 2 near death experiences, I was forced to step into a new life, eventually giving me true understanding of who I AM and a more committed path. I moved to Glastonbury, believing then that it was to discover more of what I was searching for. Instead it has been yet another level of my own unfolding and my need to go deeper within, living a quiet solitary life, each day clearing the way to finding deeper levels of awareness and truth. All this moved at an ever changing pace towards truth and change as I released the past with forgiveness - gently guiding myself through all of the many challenges to a place of deep understanding and peace… This has allowed a very rich and beautiful connection to All That Is, an ability to tap into reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom, never before accessed. My desire is to support others in their ‘Awakening’ bringing love and understanding to many lives as they remember who they are. I care deeply about our planet, the animal kingdom and all sentient Beings during this time of dramatic change and Spiritual r/evolution on Earth. During the 7 years I realised that I enjoy being a 'modern day Alchemist' with a passion for working with colour, potions, remedies, tinctures, energy and vibrations. I was guided by Spirit to create a range of high vibrational colour essences, known as the ColourKEYS System. I see these ‘jewels’ as the unfolding of a 'story' yet to be revealed…They are a wonderful tool to support and assist those seeking the true path towards their destiny. I am at the completion stages of writing my first book, which will be published early next year. It is the story my extraordinary childhood in Africa.

One thought on “Beyond the Veil…

  1. “All of man’s difficulties are caused by his inability to sit, quietly, in a room by himself.” (Pascal)…by sitting “with” it, the peace will expand within and around you, us, me….This morning I went back in time to a place I loved very much, and where I had that peace and the connection…wish I was there again.


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