by divine-design

Seekers of Truth…

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Real power is showing up with your heart on your sleeve

and absolutely refusing to waste one moment of your life

hidden behind edginess and armour. 

Jeff Brown


DAY: whispering silence, dark and mysterious, breathing, expectant

WORD: awakening

COLOUR: amber. Yours?

FEELING: clear & focused. You?

BODY: slight detox, processing happily. You?

THE COLLECTIVE: If you are feeling disconnected from God/dess or your own soul/spiritual path…understand that you have been existing for some time, in your head, in an effort to fathom out what to do next. Fear is holding you frozen…this will soon pass.

Many will feel an urge to move out of the city, if that is where you are living. Cities feel fast, frantic, out of harmony and too full.

Reminder: Keep your faith strong. Eat light, rest often, resist watching frightening or violent TV/movies. Keep your mind and heart steady. Walk in nature and trust that all is well.

INSIGHTS: The Earth and Sky need to be viewed with new eyes….vision needs to be expanded and opened. New learning and sharing must happen for the earth to truly shift these powerful areas of the planet in accordance with the universe and new new Gaia…The method/ways currently understood and ‘worked’ are from the old world.

The love that Christ Consciousness and Mary bring and hold, will support hearts and souls as you move gently and bravely into your new reality…Magdalene will speak, heed her every word and allow her wisdom to move you in which ever way is right for you…

There are no mistakes, there is only love.


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