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Waves of Consciousness…

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When two stars collide,

We often miss the flash of light

Because we’re so lost in the rain…

Can you hear me?



I had a powerful vision or lucid dream: A series of tall ocean waves representing ‘waves of evolution.’

In one chapter of a book about Teilhard de Chardin’s work, he talks about evolution as being ‘the ultmimate grand plan’, with each wave (my words) or generation of humans, lifting up the vibration and taking the Earth and its evolutionary process (to create a finer/higher/more spiritual/evolved species) to its ‘next’ level…

There IS no ‘new earth’ going to happen now, or next week, or year…its a well planned process, over hundreds of years! That is how I am beginning to view it…


But, the ‘quickening’ has taken place and we have now begun to move forward swiftly…I am seeing it this way, more and more….or awakening to these ideas…

Each wave brings a higher level of consciousness; an Awakening, with the Way-showers (us), ‘testing the waters first’…bringing as many humans as possible with us, whilst the rest are on/in the wave…

Much like Moses; ‘us’ taking a group THROUGH the water…while ‘the others’ need to ride the wave…coming up slightly later/behind…

Secretly we spoke, that Wise One and me.

I said, “tell me the secrets of the world”.

He said, “shhh,

let silence tell you the secrets of the world”. 



One thought on “Waves of Consciousness…

  1. Beautiful, Tara. Thank you.


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