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Winds of Change…

In these times of change we have lost sight of the shore

and thrash about drowning in a 2-foot tidal pool.

When the winds of change blow at your life

you can ride them soaring to new heights in delight

or allow them to keep you tired and exhausted

always fighting the force…



DAY: sporadic light rain, colder, bleak

WORD: spontaneous

COLOUR: hot pink

FEELING: positive, floating, cheerful with bouts of fatigue.

BODY: intermittent changes in energy and stamina.

THE COLLECTIVE: We must stop questioning or resisting our higher wisdom. And accept the now scientifically supported reality, that we are indeed far more conscious and capable on a soul level, than we’ve been taught to believe, or have dared to express. We must learn to trust our vibes—those energetic bursts rising out of our inborn psychic sense that pulse subtly through our awareness and guide us through our soul’s journey. Sonia Choquette

INSIGHTS: It is a powerful time of movement upwards and it is the time right now, to decide what you want for our new life…Many people are making ‘hard work’ of life, when I do believe it is beginning to ease up. Its a good time to walk boldy forward, with your head held high!

Those who do not want to move forwards are finding ways to hold on to old negative traits; like tired old relationships, old places of living or working, ‘old friends’ who may no longer serve our present lives and more…We always have power of choice. Use it wisely. The timing is right for us all to gallop into the Year of the Horse.


See with a great hope and a deep knowing.

Become a seer of what is invisible to the human eye but not the human heart.

This is your place of balance.



Floral Horse pic – thanks to Kathy Leo in Singapore. Top pic – Grateful thanks to FB Friend