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Flow with your Heart…

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“I speak to you today of restless minds and agitated bodies…for those who are unaware or unwilling to flow forward with love in their hearts will feel this.

We have, for eons of time and hundreds of earth years warned you of coming events , but we were ignored, ridiculed, killed and marginalized to keep the earths spiritual truth away from the people.

Now, we are in the final stags of this evolutionary journey and we must speak, for time is brief and events frequent. We will make history for your earth, as this new beginning will herald a time not ever remembered, or experienced on this Earth.

We ask you today to rethink your life, to rearrange it and allow it to travel quickly toward the light of your heart, for we are your ancestors, we are the true way-showers and dream-weavers. We are here now to tell you that, even the quickening is over, what has not been achieved or done, will be so…

Do not fear this last statement for you will all be placed exactly where your soul is meant to be. Those who have lost their way or are hiding, will perhaps be able to more onto the ‘new earth’, but many, after a fair and just timeline, will no longer remain. It is written so.

Deep in your heart you are already aware of this and what is to come, but in your mental world, you delude and pretend not to understand. You are loved and supported no matter what. Remember, it was you who has made the choices for this journey.”

Saquasohuh Kachina  – A message via Ashtara

Art: Montserrat Isabel

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