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Is this our NEW WORLD…?

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I wrote about ‘THE NEW WORLD’, as I called it then, a long time ago. 

I came across it ‘by accident’ today and as I re-read it it seems to fit so well in the NOW.

I felt guided to share it with you all.

Blessings Ashtara

pink earth

 “To many, their world feels as if it is at war. The reason for this is we are shifting so rapidly and everything that we never spoke of, issues we only thought about, emotions we blocked, or behaviour we disliked in ourselves, are now here in our face to see, to feel and deal with. What we do with this sudden upsurge of issues is up to us…we can accept it all, as part of who we are/were, we can get assistance to help with working through these feelings and issues, we can focus on the lesson these represent, or we can watch these patterns and behaviours and wallow in them and remain where we are.

Many of my ‘students’ are stepping back, dropping away from their own basic truth, their real purpose as part of their magnificent journey ahead. They are trapped in their fear and are choosing to believe they are ‘small’. This is another reason why I felt it was important to draw to me, those who truly resonate with this journey and understand my own work here on planet Earth…

Time continues to speed up and amazing things are happening! Some days life and what we experience is moving so quickly that we barely notice what is happening around us, but we must! Being present in every moment is paramount to the fullness of our journeys, our experiences within those journeys, and even in the lives of those around us.

The most frequently asked question to me is “What is my purpose?” The answer is already within you. You just need to learn to be still and listen. We are already the sum total of everything we are, were and are yet to be…

The time lines are thinning and crossing and in each moment there is unlimited possibility. The choice is yours. You must remember too, that you are the Masters of your own destiny.

First of all, we need to remind ourselves that we are Energy that is individual to each of us! This makes us unique in all of Creation. Each of us is special. And we must learn to be accept each experience in our lives and the choices we make in every given moment. Our Soul communicates back to us, bringing guidance when we are quiet enough to listen.

Those choices take us into new and different experiences, or keep us rooted in the same old place. It is always up to us. As we make those choices everything that occurs as a result, is communicated universally, and believe it or not, all of creation listens and adjusts accordingly. We need to begin to believe in ourselves enough to know that by our very thoughts and actions we can change the world.

Many of you fail to live up to your potential only because you never stretch or test yourself, or move beyond the boundaries of your present comfort zones. When you willingly and enthusiastically accept the challenges the Universe puts before you, you begin to understand what you are truly capable of. As you challenge yourself today, you can discover how truly capable and special you are.

Often I have talked about how we touch others as we move through life…how we never know how much we have affected someone’s life by a single moment in time when we gave just a little more of ourselves, a smile, a touch, a kind word. Those moments in time are part of our purpose. They cause a ripple effect that is timeless and serves our true purpose.

If we are truly here to make a difference we must exist unconditionally. I know, we have all heard this before, but do we really know what this means? Unconditionally or unconditional love is not an idea, it is not an emotion, and it is a way of being! And we must walk in that at all times, to the best of our ability, knowing that everything we do ripples both outward, communicating with all of Creation and then inward, as we ourselves evolve further into Light Being-ness.

Sometimes, it IS difficult to know how to apply unconditionality into our everyday living. How to touch others who are not ready yet, to receive or who seem to misunderstand us. Words, even actions don’t always seem to be enough…”

A Special Message:

‘The planet is changing… people everywhere are in overwhelm!

Feeling the pain, the confusion, the grief, and the anger of millions on this planet.

We ourselves are more vulnerable than ever before!

Lost, dis-connected, scattered, anxious, and alone, is what many are expressing to me in the calls and e-mails that I am receiving!

We are experiencing physical conditions that are uncomfortable and strange. These symptoms are simply there to alert us of the new love energy rapidly filling planet Earth!

We need to know and understand this and be at peace with all the happenings everywhere in the world!

Our bodies respond to these massive shifts, and its easy to tap into the mass consciousness of fear, anger, panic, confusion and even a war like state…

Did you actually volunteer for this level of living/work on planet earth?

You need to accept that you yourself, need constant support, emotionally, physically and mentally.

All of the work we have ever done in the past years… everything is making sense now, all we did before this time was a necessary part of our own journey…it is meant to be!

To compensate we need constant nourishment, healing, quiet time, and allowing self-love to flourish. Let yourself constantly re-balance, including going deep, to feel that spark of God within, that many find so hard to accept in themselves! If you look around, if you stop to feel, you will know that the Light is everywhere!’


 1. Old patterns need to be identified and healed

2. We must focus on our Soul connection

3. We are taking the high road. Understand that you are on a different path; you have made higher/new world choices.

4. Know thyself and to thyself be true. Don’t be afraid of being different.

5. Health and happiness are paramount! Watch your own health habits and allow happiness into your life every moment!

6. We must respect others and their choices.

“Put spirituality into practice! Do physical exercise, tai chi, yoga, reiki, practice good eating habits and use any processes, holistic treatments or tools to bring you back to balance and peace. We will see and feel many souls around the world unable to keep theirs…Let us keep together and support one another!

I would like to take this opportunity to Bless and thank those of you who continue to take up the challenges they are faced with and I see YOU shine! Go in peace my friends…”


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