by divine-design

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Morning has broken…

“Let this moment kiss the most raw and

tender spot in your heart

until you cannot help but surrender.”

Chameli Ardagh


 DAY: silent, dewy, slow, shrouded

WORD: possibilities

COLOUR: green

FEELING: a new level of understanding, reverence, gentleness

BODY: gentle, slow, lethargic, weary, waking…

THE COLLECTIVE: Groups of us are collecting to anchor certain energies. Many of these groups may in time choose to live as communities or nearby to one another…others will become almost reclusive as their sensitivity and purpose will encourage this.

INSIGHTS: It’s all very easy to start speeding up, as time folds. Living at a faster and faster pace, as if to stop yourself from seeing clearly, hearing well, or breathing in… what is truly happening with you life…A multitude of souls are spinning out, living as if there is no tomorrow, not for a moment connecting the dots and realising, that perhaps now is the perfect time to slow down, breath more deeply and be aware of where you are headed.

It IS the perfect time to look deeply into our heart and soul and ask for higher guidance. Then, with care begin to live in a whole new way…with simplicity and grace, love, gentleness and lightness, with gratitude and reverence, with passion and excitement, with laughter and great caring, for your community, your country and our planet…begin now.


“Gratitude doesn’t change the scenery. 

It merely washes clean the glass you look through 

so you can clearly see the colors.”

~Richelle E. Goodrich

Art with thanks to Montserrat Isabel