by divine-design

Life Is For LIVING…



“We’re the bridge across forever,

arching above the sea,

adventuring for our pleasure,

living mysteries for the fun of it,

choosing disasters, triumphs, challenges, impossible odds,

testing ourselves over and again,

learning love and love and love!” 

Richard Bach


TODAY: Warm sunshine, revealing a brighter light and clearer vision…



HOW I FEEL: I have been extra focused of late, working diligently at clearing the last of my old patterns…Suddenly new energy seemed to enfold me and nudge me gently through the few intense challenges earlier this week…finally I sensed joy and excitement! A new beginning awaits us ALL!

PHYSICALLY: Good. Dealing with change, ‘shifts’ and letting go –  causing some aches and pains…

INSIGHTS: Breath deeply…now, look deeply into your heart and ask for higher guidance. Then, with trust and gentleness, begin to live anew…
‘We need time to replenish – to develop new fat, new muscle, new skin; to trust that the inner journey has removed the masks and will eventually reveal a face that is more our own.’*

THE COLLECTIVE: Many recent experiences have been had, all for the greater good. We as mere mortals, need to surrender to whatever unfolds, holding ourselves accountable for our own lives, how we honour life here on this sweet Earth, as well as honouring all humanity, ourselves and those close to us…

AFFIRMATION: “I Love and believe in myself”


“There are those days when it’s hard to put one foot in front of the other,

but those are the days when champions are created.” ♥

*from Kirsten


Author: Ashtara

'All my life I have yearned…' Andre Breton For a period of 15 years, I was the Principle of a well-known school in South Africa, the ‘Academy of Holistic Therapies’ which over time transformed into a place of deep spiritual and personal development, known then as the ‘Centre of Creative Consciousness’. My life changed suddenly and I moved to England in 1999. Not long after my arrival my long term reIationship ended abruptly and I developed serious heart issues. What followed was a 7 year period of death and rebirth... It led me along a path of deep introspection and growth. Through this experience including 2 near death experiences, I was forced to step into a new life, eventually giving me true understanding of who I AM and a more committed path. I moved to Glastonbury, believing then that it was to discover more of what I was searching for. Instead it has been yet another level of my own unfolding and my need to go deeper within, living a quiet solitary life, each day clearing the way to finding deeper levels of awareness and truth. All this moved at an ever changing pace towards truth and change as I released the past with forgiveness - gently guiding myself through all of the many challenges to a place of deep understanding and peace… This has allowed a very rich and beautiful connection to All That Is, an ability to tap into reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom, never before accessed. My desire is to support others in their ‘Awakening’ bringing love and understanding to many lives as they remember who they are. I care deeply about our planet, the animal kingdom and all sentient Beings during this time of dramatic change and Spiritual r/evolution on Earth. During the 7 years I realised that I enjoy being a 'modern day Alchemist' with a passion for working with colour, potions, remedies, tinctures, energy and vibrations. I was guided by Spirit to create a range of high vibrational colour essences, known as the ColourKEYS System. I see these ‘jewels’ as the unfolding of a 'story' yet to be revealed…They are a wonderful tool to support and assist those seeking the true path towards their destiny. I am at the completion stages of writing my first book, which will be published early next year. It is the story my extraordinary childhood in Africa.

5 thoughts on “Life Is For LIVING…

  1. Life IS for LIVING!!!!!!! YES!!!!!


  2. I have in my followings mostly kind bloggers; more than I dreamed. So many bloggers on my list have done a kindness for me and/or for others or for bloggers using reblog or giving encouragements and by posting helpful information to community. Today, I honor kind bloggers. I hope that you will consider acceptance of an award today – and – to share this award. If you have time today or when you can, I hope you may click to accept and display the award for Love and Kindness. Thank you for your consideration.
    ~ Eric


    • Thank you. I feel extremely grateful and humbled by this unexpected Award. I am not quite sure how to get the ‘award’ to my page/s. I have had little time to work out the widgets and format of WordPress, and must be very honest, I found it a challenge to work my way around…so be patient with me. Many blessings xo


      • Please take your time Tara – as much as you need or want.
        There ought not ever be any pressure bout love and kindness, I think.

        It is my great honor to share the award and enjoy seeing my blog friends attract friends and grow in love and kindness. There is always more for our growing hearts. Sharing in grace the kindness of Father Creator’s love is eternally infinite.

        Blessings …
        ~ Eric

        Here are some help tips:

        Save the image…

        SAVE it to your PC picture folder (right click – save)

        Open your DASHBOARD / MEDIA
        Add NEW – open the image from your PC picture folder

        Copy the URL name of your image once it is in your wordpress media library

        it probably may be named

        Drag an IMAGE widget to your sidebar and then slide-place it (above or below) among your existing widgets

        Open (EDIT) the widget title, image URL (that you copied when it saved), add Alternate text, caption, set alignment (probably use NONE), width 223 Height 226, and use a link URL if you want it to link to a certain page on your blog.

        Save the image (as above) and add it into your media library
        Add a new PAGE and insert the image as desired. The tools is easier to use these days since it now includes a pencil shape image tool that allows borders, size, URL links, alignment – etc.


      • Thank you so much for your help with this (giggling as I write), I did need that!
        Blessings and love xo


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