by divine-design

Follow Your Heart…



Every day is a new beginning
Every day is a brand new start
It’s about the wheels you’re spinning
And the sun inside your heart

So turn around and see
It was made for you and me
If you wanna touch the sky
Just spread your wings and fly

Follow your heart
You will see
All your dreams become reality
Follow your heart
You and I
Reaching up to touch the sky

Unknown (to me).


2 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart…

  1. Good morning, Tara. I feel like a broken record sometimes by saying follow your heart. It can’t be said enough. Beautiful post and gorgeous image. OH to be as free as this bird is!!! Love, Amy


    • Yes dear Amy, it is the best and only way, but many find making such a choice extremely challenging…stepping out of their groove or mould…and so I always suggest ‘Baby Steps…’


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