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Heart Speaks Truth (8 MACROS)

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Connecting Beyond

Hi, Friends. Please take your time with this post, because it is a thinker. Really look closely at the photos I chose to match the words with to understand the deeper meaning of the words. If you take the time to do so, I believe you will come away from this post, with such an incredible deep feeling of awe.

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One thought on “Heart Speaks Truth (8 MACROS)

  1. Tara, I am so touched and very honored that you reblogged my post. This one, especially, was created solely by a Higher Power. Yes, I have Talents, but, these words flowed effortlessly, and later that day, the photographs I took, with no thought of the words I heard earlier, when edited, matched the words perfectly. I was stunned, in awe, and I tremble seeing this transformation in myself.

    May all who read and see these words understand the Message, and know, really know, this is a Creation of exceptional quality. I honor you for the work you do, Tara, and I am honored that you have posted “Heart Speaks Truth” on your blog. Bless you! Love, Amy


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