by divine-design

New Beginnings…



‘Love will conquer all, even when we feel stretched beyond our human capabilities.’


TODAY: Following a night of heavy rain a calm has fallen over the morning…soft, silent, gentle and nurturing.

IN ONE WORD: Appreciation abounds!

COLOUR OF THE DAY: Rainbow Light

HOW I FEEL: Today I feel a new calmness, a settled’ness from deep within. I feel light, dreamy, grateful and deeply Blessed.


INSIGHTS: ‘I beseech you to run towards the new…Do not look back at those who have chosen not to follow…for their time will come. Their destiny is different from yours. Do not feel pain in your heart, for some of us have chosen to go forward alone, or with but a few, that we feel connected to…’

THE COLLECTIVE: ‘As you step solidly into this ‘new phase’ of life, I ask you to leap over the threshold of the Gate before you.
Leaving behind much of the old, whether this be a negative thought form, hasty action, or a disillusioned mood… Now you will move towards new friends, different  places, people and positive right actions. You will begin to feel lighter, freer, happier in your heart and mind, and this will filter down through all the layers of your ‘beingness’, to your newly re-structured DNA.’

AFFIRMATION: “I AM Perfect as I AM…” Releasing the old belief of “I cant” or “I AM not”.

BLOG 14:11:13

‘I am made of the Stars and of this Earth…”

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings…

  1. Dear Tara – your insights ring very true for me at this time . It seems that I AM moving forward in to a new space leaving behind a whole “life-time” and many who have chosen to stay where they are, physically and emotionally……..While “running” toward my new future, sometimes I slowed, some times I faltered, but now I know that I have chosen well…I also had to say goodbye to my mother only recently, but I know she would be pleased and in her own way she helped me, without me realising it at the time . I am full of gratitude. ❤


  2. Dearest Bee, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me…I wish you much joy and happiness with your ‘new’ future. Bless you dear friend, Tara xo


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