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Unpredictable Waves of Feeling…


“She is more than she appears…as all Mountains are…”

DAY: I woke at 4am to steady rain, it felt much cooler than expected. Heavy rain is falling as I write…The day dawned quietly. There was a deeply mellow feel to it…Yet, I was cold. Hot tea was what I needed!

WORD: Prayer…Mt. Kailash has been with me since last night…I woke seeing it in my minds eye…I felt a deep connection, an opening…a need for reverence, stillness and prayer.

COLOUR: Magenta

FEELING: Gentle – silent thoughts, observing, feeling, knowing…


“Our feelings and emotions are like the tides of the ocean –
never constant, but
ever-changing and as unpredictable as waves.”

THE COLLECTIVE: Sensitive to change – seeking comfort – Keep safe and stay connected to those you trust and resonate with. Be alert to changes in you and around you. Accept that many are unaware of these changes and may be confused, unsettled even in crisis. Allow this to be, while you focus on taking care of self.

INSIGHTS: Deeper communication and inner change is needed to inspire greater vision.
Look to your wisdom and live from your heart. Nurture yourself hour by hour. Changes will occur more and more rapidly through this final part of 2014.


“This is the Time which has been predicted.

And only good will come of it.”