by divine-design

3 thoughts on “The Toltec Path (Quote)

  1. Tara, thank you and Bless you for this reblog. I made this post up late last night, after I read what is written here. I wanted to share this and so I did. I was half asleep when I made this post up and now this morning, my breath is taken away by my photograph in combination with this message. I hope all who read this post today, are Blessed by it, and really THINK about the words as they gaze at the magic within my image. I am honored, and deeply touched this day. (((HUGS))) Amy


    • Dearest Amy – your post resonated deeply. I have always been aware of those Agreements and the Toltec Path…and it was timely for me to be reminded. I offer you rich Blessings on this new day! xo


      • Funny, Tara, how we can know and so easliy, and yes I say so easily, get pulled away from that knowing. Life tends to throw us off balance, and at times so much so, we really do become unbalanced and resort to “old behaviors”. At least I know this is true for me. These words really rang HOME for me, so I turned around to share, and I am SO glad I listened to my Heart. Bless you, Tara, for the Good Work you do! (((HUGS))) Amy


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