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Be True To Your Heart – A Poem…


Let us make the pact of journey…

To be who we are regardless of circumstance.

To care regardless of cost.

To give even when we have nothing left.

To love in the face of storms.

To listen even when we dont have time.

To forgive, and live again.

To live in the face of death.

To talk about things that matter.

To stand against all odds.

To touch, for love demands.

And to walk as prayer,

For our lives are sacred.

To thank each other,

For we have nothing more, or less.

To kiss, to hold hands,

To shout, and to whisper.

To name distance as nearness,

To be true to our hearts.

Eric Cockrell

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As You Move Towards Unity Consciousness…

My feelings exactly….Blessings to All…

Silent Winds of Change

As you move towards unity consciousness you will begin to feel alone.  You are not and never could be alone but there is a very profound reason for it.  You naturally stay away from “doom and gloomers”, but now you are shying away from the “love and lighters”.  It is a different feeling but what you should know is this feeling will change to one of immense love and happiness for all.  You are moving yourself away from those extreme polarities and understanding we are all one.  In that place, all is one and it is truly Heaven on Earth.  Love all and don’t group them into different sides.  This feeling of unity consciousness will heal all things both within and without.

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