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Look at the World…Look at Your Life…



Run My Dear,
From Anything That May Not Strengthen
Your Precious Budding Wings.
Run Like Hell My Dear,
From Anyone Likely To Put A Sharp Knife Into The Sacred,
Tender Vision Of Your Beautiful Heart.
– Hafiz

TODAY: ‘I greet you on this most glorious of days, days of light, dark, wind and rain…what is to follow is change most victorious with re-alignments of both the planet and her people…’*

IN ONE WORD: Timelessness



To everyone I offer quietness
To everyone I offer peace of mind
To everyone I offer gentleness*

This year, these past weeks…have been a roller coaster ride! Which is the perfect way to describe it, with many magnificent highs and lows. Yet, Heavenly in so many ways…Occasional nano seconds of fear and panic, followed by great hope and expansive powers! Other moments of complete weakness and a need for rest, yet there has been much restlessness within.

Often I have felt alone and lonely…empty, depleted, bare…then realisations, learning, forgiveness…leading to inspiration and elation! Full once more…Understanding and acceptance have been constant.


INSIGHTS: Our new journey has to be through GRACE. We are now firmly on the path of grace. All our past experiences are being acknowledged and released so that we may stand up and recognise our journey as one that is bringing heaven to earth. The vibration of the new. We are the ‘I Am’.

Yet, look at the people, the  chaos, the  fragmented energies…look at your life and your own belief systems. There is an urgent need for more awareness of how we are living in this new Christic energy…look at yourself at your immediate friends and family. Are you cohesive, is there a true coming together as One?

Look at the World and look at your life…we each need to open our inner vision, our eyes too and even make sacrifices, starting with the very small ones, moving through to larger compromises – which will lead us back to balance as a human, as a society, as a world.


“We ask today for rest and quietness, unshaken by the world’s appearances”
A Course in Miracles


We are all different. Some of us are more sensitive than others. But once you start to understand who you are and how you are reacting to outside factors in your life, you can begin to make changes that are going to allow you to bring your best to every day.

Within all of that, of course as I always say, if you are struggling on a certain day just take it easy. Have a day of rest. The world isn’t going to go anywhere while you recover your energy. And when you’ve recovered, you can come back out into the world and be ready to play and absorb and give.
Lee Harris

AFFIRMATION: “I AM truly Blessed in every way, each and every day…”

“Do not set limits of what you believe I can do through you”
A Course in Miracles


*Taken from a channelled message received by me.
* A Course in Miracles

4 thoughts on “Look at the World…Look at Your Life…

  1. Can i get copyright permission to use the image above of the hands releasing the dove for our prayer groups meeting packet this month? They are not sold. It’s the nov. 2, 2014 article.
    Please do not post my email as this is directed to the site owner.


    • Unfortunately, I can not help you with that. I have a huge folder of pictures, collected over many years…that particular picture, I have no information on. I do not recall where I got it from, or who the artist is. Blessings


  2. Reblogged this on Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie and commented:
    amazing images, Ashtara…


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