by divine-design

A Breath of Heaven…



A storm is coming…
Truth waits, a long expected stranger,

Just outside the door.

Her name is liberty,
Her features are justice,

Her scent, equality!

The cost of her coming,

A new world!




Faith is the bird that feels the light

when the dawn is still dark.


I woke to a day with a perfect blue tall sky. It felt good! Yet, the day has unfolded in a constantly changing way…bright and light, then heavy moving clouds, followed quickly by a chilly breeze and moments later, more sunshine!


COLOUR OF THE DAY: Red – Essence is Heart of Fire*


HOW I FEEL: My body and mind seem to switch gears often these days, many moods, feelings and needs…Hot, cold, tired, wide awake, happy, reverent, drained, elated, settled, unsettled, delighted, questioning…Yet, I am so thankful that I share this planet with you. Like minds make us feel less lonely.

See and know that we are not the same beings anymore. I know I am not! We have been inching towards the doorway, to the next world, for so long that some of us almost gave up…In recent months, it has become clear that we are walking through that mysterious door, and beginning to cross a bridge into the unknown world of which we have yet to create. We have had to re-think so much about what we knew to be true, and we have to learn new ways to live in this rapidly shifting world.


I want to extend my deepest love and blessings to all of you out there who have had the courage to continue your work with me, in one form or another. It has been an extraordinary year, filled with many shifts and changes. I wish you faith, love and joy!

INSIGHTS: As we refocus and begin a new month, let us breath a clear breath and look into our hearts to see how we are feeling, understand more clearly who we are and make sure that we continue to shine our Light on everything around us and keep moving steadily forward! Even when it feels as if you are not moving at all.


THE COLLECTIVE: Many of you are running ‘hither and thither’ to find answer from too many. We tell you to sit quiet and find your own answers, find what resonates, what you can feel in your heart….Trust that to be your best way forward. Trust the close circle around you. Stay open and receive all that comes to you, but know that discernment is important now.

AFFIRMATION: “ I see only love and harmony all around me”


Every now and then,
when the world sits just right,
a gentle breath of heaven
fills my soul with delight…

Hazelmarie ‘Mattie’ Elliott


3 thoughts on “A Breath of Heaven…

  1. What a breath of fresh air, Ashtara. My soul just drank so thirstily here today and I really thank you. I am one of the ones who have basically given up. Yet, my Heart urges me to do my Work at Petals and that is where I put my focus at. I honestly have no opinion anymore of the “new world” I was so positive would come. I’ve stepped back from all the channelings, from all the repeative words that seem stuck on the same groove, and I have just stepped into the NOW. Bless you with all of my Heart for this post. I feel uplifted from it. Love, Amy


    • Amy, bless you and thank you for this feedback. It helps me to know if all of you ‘out there’, are feeling as I do. Yes, I completely understand where you are coming from – I have been there too…many times this year…I have also stepped back, and have spent quality time meeting my own needs for the first time in many years. I am also diligently doing inner work daily. My desire is to become the best human-being, I know how…to be open and receptive to any shifts and changes…that resonate with my own heart. Love Ashtara xo


      • I basically am doing the same thing, Ashtara. I no longer am waiting …. and waiting …. but creating NOW and working on my Inner Realms as well. I am bringing forth LOVE, Beauty, and Truth at Petals with the HOPE that someday all of us who are doing so, will finally come together as ONE so together we can manifest a world that IS based on Love. May your day be Blessed!!! I am SO relieved to know you haven’t dropped out of sight. Keep on what you are doing. And yes, it all starts with YOU. And then what you have radiates out to the world. Peace, my friend, Amy


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