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SATORI – My Newsletter – December edition is now uploaded!

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The December Edition is ready.

With the Solstice tomorrow, 21:12, it felt timely to have it done by today.

You can read the 9-page edition on the Newsletter website:



Where to begin this month?

I feel as if I am newly energised, yet overloaded too, with ideas, insights, feelings, emotions, experiences and more!
Because of this, I am unsure how to put what I feel into words. I feel as if I have become even more sensitive to various energies; especially weather, light, noise, crowds, people and foods.

With the weather, I seem to be getting an actual feeling or emotion, coming up through Gaia during certain weather. It affects my body strongly. Noise and sound seem intensified to me, light feels too bright and to be in a crowd is overwhelming…

As we move more and more into this unknown vibration, the planet is experiencing Her own evolution and shifting accordingly. Facing Her own imbalances and crisis. Gaia is talking to us loud and clear, but many choose not to listen. The animal kingdom is giving us clear signs, which are often ignored.
All this is happening as we attempt to keep our everyday lives ‘ordinary.’ Yet, I am so thankful that I share this planet with you all!

‘Like minds’ and feeling hearts, make us feel less lonely. I thank the Divine for who we all are…and that which we are becoming…
We are still on our long journey of self discovery, in a year that is anything but harmonious!

Thank you for all the many sacrifices you are making, that include losses yet also great gains!
It has been an extraordinary few years, filled with many unexpected changes…

Find a place of peace in all of this.

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