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Initiation – 21st December – Winter Solstice


The Twelve Stations, The Twelve Steps…

You have arrived at the next turning.

This is the Fourth Portal,

This is the step of Mastery.

The Four Turnings, The Four Initiations…

The Sacred Portals to Perfection,

This is your Path.

For you are here to Square the Circle,

To Reveal the Inner Light, and

You will rise into your Splendor.

You are at the Fourth Turning,

Climbing your Path of Purposefulness.

At this tipping point you turn again,

To Face the Darkness, the long Winter’s Night.

You turn with your Faith,

You turn to face the Light.

The Sun will set, and you will hold your breath,

Never lower, the shadows fall.

All on Earth are standing-still,

You and your world will wait.

You look for a Sign, the Promise,

The Re-Turning of the Light.

You move through Sacred Spaces, for as you abide in your own Sacred Space you also move in the Sacred Spaces of one and all, and all these hosts abide in the Sacred Space that is the One. You are a spark of the Divine, endowed with Self-Awareness, Intelligence and Love. Your journey is long, taking you through many worlds and forms and lives…Why?

Why…so that you may grow, for that is your nature. You are Spirit, an Immortal in a Mortal Frame. You ever abide yet also come out from the One into these worlds of Energy-Forms. You came forth as an unself-conscious spark of the Divine to become a Self-aware being of Light-Love. You learn by Action/Reaction, by choosing one way then another, and then trying again…

And over time, over countless lives and by innumerable steps upon the Path of Light you learn to choose what is better, you learn to discern what is the Good, as you come to feel and know what is Truer, what is Wiser…and so you choose to be what you are, a being of Light and Love singing your way home.

Each and every single step you take…is a Test. A test of Awareness, a test of Love and a test of Will. Each and every moment you pass through portals, through another “Initiation”. You choose to give, or to take. You choose to act, or to react. You choose to live in Love, or to fall into Fear…but you are human now, you have a choice. The Angels envy you, for they who know the way, they are the Way, and they do not Choose as you. You are learning to be, to become a Conscious Co-Creator of Creation’s Song…and you must choose.

Every moment counts, there is no wasted effort, no achievement that does not echo down through all your many lives, no lesson learned that will not form and forge your Diamond Body of Spiritual Strength. Your failures are your “treasures”, for from them you learned how to be better, it is how you found your compassion, your humility and grace.

Today, tonight you mark another special moment in your Journey of Twelve, these Magnificent Mansions of Life, the Supernal realm formed by the Living Ones, the Zodiac. You (and they) are Energy-Forms, and tonight you enter the Master Mansion, tonight you move into Capricorn.

The Fourth Turning is here, the Fourth Initiation. For each season opens with this, all of creation waits on what is to be…The first is Fire, in Aries, the Vernal Equinox. The second is Water, in Cancer, the Summer Solstice. The third is Air, in Libra, the Autumnal Equinox. Today is Earth, in Capricorn, the Winter Solstice.

At each of these turnings ceremonies are held, heads are bowed and those who are ready arise. All these turnings are sacred, but none is held as more sacred than this, the fourth. Here the Hierarchy is celebrated, the Golden Chain of Light, Love and Will that holds all of Creation in and as the One Life. You are a precious dew-drop, a sparkling particle of Spirit on this Golden Chord of Life-Consciousness-Spirit.

There are many who follow you, they look up to you, those for whom you care; and there are many ahead of you, who hold you in their hearts, as they extend what help they can as you reach for their loving hands. For this is the heart of it, standing in this Darkening Time suffused and Illumined by the brightest Inner Light, this is when Illusions will be broken, the shell will crack wide open, and the one will be with the One. Time and Space will be transcended, for there is only Now. There is only One Life, One Light, One Love…and this is Now.

There is only Now…This “now” is a special turning, for tonight is not only one of the Four Sacred Turnings, it is also a New Moon. It is at such a time, when the Sacred Portal is pushed open a little wider, it is at such a time that those who have made themselves ready will pass into an even more encompassing consciousness, for they have made themselves ready, they have become even more Self-Masterful. They have earned this, they have served and sacrificed, and they have Loved…they have become more human…and they abide in this more sublime and serene light.

But there is even more here than this, for at this Fourth Portal, and at this New Moon, here and Now there is another turning which will quicken and elicit even more for one and all. I wrote about this in my General Forecast for 2014:

Uranus Direct (December 21 until July 25-26, 2015)

The Avatar of Individuality and Freedom is leading you outwards again, and it is a most special turning indeed. For this is also the day of the Solstice, which means this winter begins with a New Moon. This is recognized as a most sacred event in the Spiritual Calendar. Whenever a New Moon is also the beginning of one of the Four Sacred Seasons, special ceremonies and initiations are observed and honored at such at time. This is a time of Quickening, and for those who have prepared and are ready to accept the next sacrifice, their Joyful Service is honored and rewarded now as they move that much closer to the Light of Understanding. All should bow their heads and lift their loving hearts to those who live for and in the One, and find their own peace in the words of the Great Invocation which will be said at many a ceremony today:


From the point of light within the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into our minds

Let LIGHT descend on Earth.

From the point of love within the Heart of God

Let Love stream forth into our hearts

May LOVE increase on Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide our wills

The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve.

From the center which we call Humanity

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door

where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

This is the Pathway of Perfection,

This is the Way Home.

This is your Sacred Moment,

As are all steps along the Way.

Let each day be your Portal,

Your every step lived in Light and Love.

Honor your Past, live your Present, become your Future,

For All is here, and All is Love, and

All is Now.

Bill Attride – Astrologer