by divine-design

Earth’s Request to Us…



The higher we soar

the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.

Friedrich Nietzsche

TODAY: Undercurrents, changeable, strong gusts of wind, soft rain, dense, unhurried…broody.

IN ONE WORD: Courage!




I don’t know where I am.

At times I plunge
 to the bottom of the sea,

at times, rise up 
like the Sun. 

At times, the Universe is pregnant by me,

at times I give birth to it.


I woke feeling heavy headed and removed from the day…outside it was wet, dark, slow yet I sensed complex energies at play here…I moved into my day feeling unsettled, detached, heady, was I realigning? Many thoughts and feelings…but trusting…and wondering…



‘Darkness flee, blessed be.
Keep light always within me.’

The rebalancing of our lives and of our planet is not something that can be done by massive planning. But through actions like creating a sacred space in your home, or finding a special place to go ‘out there’, it will happen of its own accord. All that is required of us, is to tune in and listen to Earth’s requests of each of us, and to act accordingly. It sounds like such a simple thing, but it requires clarity, compassion, and collaboration from all those who can already hear her voice…..



“Life gives us precious gifts in tattered boxes,

but we toss them aside…

missing the gems inside.”

Michael Harrington

Do not doubt, do not judge, drop all the unnecessary stresses. And know that there is no need to rush this life…Allow Time, as you are beginning to know it, to flow faster than before as you balance this with a steadier pace. All is understood, you are travelling forward faster than you are able to see or realise…Be in peace with your process.



* As of my last Blog, I will add a picture of the Colour Matrix Essence that relates to the colour of the day I select. If this alters my Blog experience for you, please leave feedback. I am interested to hear from you all. Blessings Ashtara

*Essence shown: Archangel SANDALPHON – Guardian of the Earth. This essence will connect you with you angelic brethren, empower you as a woman on earth at this time, create the Key to your abundance, through your abundant nature and allowing you to release old trauma and hurt from past loves. Visit:

4 thoughts on “Earth’s Request to Us…

  1. Your choice of colours, Ashtara….so interesting, I was looking for orange and yellow flowers today…..and I love Sandolphon – I think it is a wonderful idea to add a bottle of the day ! 🙂


    • Thanks for your confirmation, Bee! Yes, many friends and followers have commented on being drawn to the colour Orange yesterday. Which is also about courage, confidence, healing tummy issues and ‘old’ shocks in our bodies.I am using the Orange Pulse Pomander at the moment, and keep it on my desk. Blessings xo


  2. Dear Ashtara, Just to let you know that Sandalphon has been in my meditations and prayers for a few days now, so it is lovely to have confirmation of my experience.

    love and light, Jennifer Parkin


    • How interesting Jenny, I had planned in my mind to add the same essence as on FB yesterday, which is also orange. Yet when I was getting ready to add my Blog on WordPress, I was nudged to use Sandalphon… I later realised that it was the perfect energy/choice for that topic.Blessings x


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