by divine-design

Truth and Belonging…

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And though we seem to be sleeping,

there is an inner wakefulness that directs the dream,

and that will eventually startle us

back to the Truth of who we are.


TODAY Biting intense cold, dull low sky, a sense that all here are slumbering, replenishing energy.

COLOUR: Silver Grey



FEELING: I have had a challenging few days, restless, unsettled, with unpleasant dreams and visions during the night…Is this resistance or something I need to heed? Is it perhaps the Comet or Mercury in retrograde, causing anxiety and body pain? Hmmm…

Yesterday dawned and immediately got me ‘working’ bringing through 2 new Essences. The energies of the IMBOLC and Brigit celebrations here in Glastonbury, were palpable…The blending and pouring of the new essences took most of the day to complete, leaving me delighted, elevated, joyous, yet physically drained and exhausted.


BODY: A restlessness…with tingling restless legs at night. Today; heady, slow, bone weary…

‘So do not let a weary body and a perhaps somewhat befuddled mind hold you back more than necessary.’ Aisha North


With eyes wide open
Contemplate your world.
Your words are heard.
Your ideas meet with acceptance.

Are your eyes opening? Wider? I sense that many hearts are fluttering, emotions bursting…It is time to take up your Sword of Truth and slice through the chords and attachments – to all those things that create limitation and isolation in our lives and make a choice today, that empowers us all opening the pathways to truth and freedom…

Glastonbury Tor:375d54d1acb4b933c1723b94c44fbf47

‘As you feel safe and drop your shield of fear, you will no longer need to seek abundance. It will find you, all you must do is let go and embrace the guidance that will come from your inner wise person, giving strength to your intuition or to seek the teacher in your tribe. It can just as easily found in a child’s laughter. Just pay attention and listen.’
Bobby Klein


THE COLLECTIVE: A sudden yet gracious Awakening is upon us…Bringing forth grace and a desire to surrender. A deep inner knowing of who you are and how you are, where you are…in this game of life.

I feel reverence, forgiveness, love, compassion and true understanding, has settled into many of us. Finally understanding that all the trivia is just that…as we graciously receive an understanding that there IS more, we are MORE, there IS a bigger picture. Acceptance.



Surrendering to All That Is you….
Allowing your light to shine.
Reaching for the stars with a knowingness that you belong, finally.SWAN GRAIL:CYGNUS2

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