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SATORI – My Newsletter – Spring/Summer Edition



The 8-page edition is loaded onto the website for you to read at your leisure…

Here is a brief excerpt:

SATORI – Take a moment to Bless this day! 57088-Hot-Pink-Peonies

I still find each day too short for

all the thoughts I want to think,

all the walks I want to take,

all the books I want to read,

and all the friends I want to see…’ 

John Burroughs



There is no doubt that we are the Pioneers of a new time on Earth. No matter where you find yourself right now, or what your past has been…

Open your vision and purpose via your wisdom self and move forward with concentration of will. Expand your capacity to love, be tender, be compassion, tolerant and fearless. Observe yourself and others, we are not the same Beings anymore. I know I am not!


We have been inching towards the doorway to the ‘next’ world for so long, that many have been tempted to give up. I want to extend my deepest love and blessings to all of you, who have had the courage to continue this journey. It has been a few extraordinary years, filled with unexpected and rapid changes…Let us all appreciate life more than we have done recently, and acknowledge how well we have all done, to get to this place!



My intention in continuing to write is and always has been – to support you, to make the path lighter, with many reminders as well as other information…to make life flow with a deeper understanding and less fear. Especially for YOU, where ever you are on your path of life, I wish you a continued path of unfolding understanding and love.

Blessings, Ashtara xox💓


To read the full Newsletter go to:


3 thoughts on “SATORI – My Newsletter – Spring/Summer Edition

  1. Thank you, dear Ashtara, for this beautiful newsletter.

    I love Anais Nin. “We don’t see others as they are. We see them as we are.”

    Filters, cultural and others, are powerful indeed.

    Love & much Light

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am pleased you enjoyed it! The Newsletter goes out to a wide audience, in many different countries. For that reason, I don’t ever know how it will be received. Bless you for taking the time to leave feedback.


      • It was my pleasure to read it, dear Ashtara, and it was well received here in New Jersey! Big 🙂

        I noticed a lot of pink / dark pink or possibly magenta in the pictures you posted. Did I miss something, or is there any specific reason for that color?

        Love & much Light


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