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SATORI – My Newsletter – Dec./Jan. Edition




My Newsletter, SATORI, is now uploaded on the website:

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Some years just float by with little change, but this year changed me on very deep levels…

I underwent several health issues, changes of heart, and further enlightenment which I call Initiations.
Most were unexpected, some anticipated.

Insights and memories, challenged me to work with past issues and propelled me out of my comfort zone…
Change was, is and will continue to be necessary and all change is in some way an ‘Initiation.’
There may come an exact moment when you need to be ready, to step up to the plate knowing that change has come, and that some time in the future, all will be fine…

Know that this is a time of festivities and celebration, laced with some uncertainty and change.

My wishes for you are a loving and peaceful time.
With loving light,
Ashtara xox

Close up of red ornament and berries on Christmas wreath.


2 thoughts on “SATORI – My Newsletter – Dec./Jan. Edition

  1. Lovely Ashtara,

    We wish you a very happy festive time and all the very best that can be for the new year,

    With love Val

    Casa Lucia, Sgombou, Corfu, Greece 49083

    0030 26610 91419 or 26610 91732:

    mobile 0030 6979470571

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  2. Many thanks Ashtara, your blessings are taken with gratitude and returned in kind.
    Love and light, Mark xo

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