by divine-design

Leap of Faith…

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“Routines will be dramatically altered from what we have experienced before.
Health in general; sleep, the way you nourish your self and your body, work, relationships….all will be conducted and expressed in a more loving and caring way. Love will over-light all that is on Earth as in Heaven as we become more as One.


Use your mind and body wisely. Use your time effortlessly, allow the final distortions in your own energy (caused by old patterning and emotions), to be experienced and then let go…let go…
If you can be at peace and in love with these changes, with your shift, your experience will be more profound.


Be in gratitude for all of this experience, be patient and loving of all those around you, knowing that for each new human, the alignments will have different timeframes, and time-lapses…which will create different levels of reality…

Move towards those or that which feels connected and similar to you right now…
Begin to find where you belong, listen to your heart and go where you feel led to be…Go!”


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