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Fertile Ground

Fertile Ground – and letting go…

The Creator Writings

Holding tight to old things keeps you right there with them. Finding,

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Within Infinity…

I go within free from the pull of a world of chaos deep, deeper into the kernel of peace spark of light I am home expanding into the Great Beyond leaving universes I enter the Divine Source of All I am home at peace I am where nothing of this world can touch me for […]

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Re-Blogged – I will be back soon – recovering from Pneumonia. One day at a time.

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“This moment now has the potential to be the deepest experience of truth and love and awakening. Ever. 
Only one breath away…not even.” 

Chameli Ardagh


Quiet, softening, damp, multi-coloured leaves, wet earth, hungry birds, greedy squirrel, hot coffee and smiles…gratitude always…

“I must be overtired’, Buttercup managed. ‘The excitement and all.

’Rest then’, her mother cautioned.

‘Terrible things can happen when you’re overtired.

William Goldman, The Princess Bride


IN ONE WORD: Surrender…


“Things change.
And friends leave.
Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”
Stephen Chbosky

The complexities of life continue to interest me, often baffle me, astound and amaze me. Yet, there is a part of me that understands it all…
In the grand scheme of things, in the world of business, or life day to day, much is changing rapidly…and it might feel too fast, too daunting, too uncertain, and unsettling…

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