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“Let this moment kiss the most raw and

tender spot in your heart

until you cannot help

 but surrender.”

Chameli Ardagh


TODAY: Wintery

WORD: Discernment

COLOUR: Golden



‘God….was in the food they ate, in the water they drank, in the air they breathed, in the Earth they trod on and died on, in the words they spoke, in the sleep they slept and the dreams they dreamt, in the everywhere and the everything…’

Albert Wendt – Samoan Writer 


Much has happened since 12:12:12, and at lightening speed. Yet for many it seems as if life has remained much the same. There is fear, doubt and disenchantment, even disbelief about any positive changes or ‘new planet’ showing up. We look at the news or posts on FB and we see cruelty, ugliness and a total lack of love for anything on this sweet Earth. 

If you think back…it has been suggested by many sources, over and over for us all to clear the decks, look to thyself, do the ‘work’, heal yourself, let go of what does not serve, surrender, release old negativity etc. 

Yet, many have sat there waiting, wanting to show love, and expecting to see a shiny bright ‘new world’, with little personal effort involved. Have you become more centred and aligned. Have you cleared old stagnant patterns, let go of old dramas and negative relationships? 

Perhaps the many do not know how? We must each find our own way…

glastonbury sunrise:_n

I have constantly reminded people, that it would get much worse before it got better! Those entrenched in the ‘old ways’ using power games, fear based tactics or control, because of their greed – are not going to simply stop, hand over power and wealth to the masses, or change their way of being! 

What is occurring now, for most nations and the collective consciousness, is exposure of the TRUTH. Not easy to face, either.

From the cellular to the world itself, everything around us looks to be in chaos. Which we need to understand. This is how it must be, before real lasting change can manifest. This is how we evolve as a species and as a planet. It will take time, much more time…



In the past year especially, I have become an observer. Having spent many years preparing talks, speeches, lectures & presenting information of possible ‘happenings’ that are only now unfolding. I en-lightened, supported and shared. I spoke for years about change, how to prepare yourself properly, of events on the way, of new keys to consciousness and more. 

This week a friend announced to me; “nothing is ever going to change, its just what you have chosen to believe…” To that I say; be very aware of how this year has unfolded, be observant. I suggest you use more discernment with the overload of information pouring forth. Look at the global picture from a higher perspective. 

Yes, there are many concepts to swallow and politically you may need to put all the scaremongering and ‘drama’ aside, but be alert and aware of what can, is already, or is yet to unfold, on Earth…

As dark powers continue to hold on tightly at any cost, including death, destruction, distraction, control – in a variety of ways, know that we can be affected if we are not physically and spiritually prepared. 

Sit quietly and watch, be clear of mind and body. Keep working on yourself, in the best way you know how…


“Sometimes the hardest but most valuable thing to do is nothing.” 


Become as clear and clean as you can and become more self assured about what you do believe. Be compassionate and aware of the many belief systems out there, and remain strong in your own choices. 

Judge nothing but keep an enquiring mind. Be as compassionate and understanding as you are able…Become the watcher, the listener, the Beacon of Truth and Light…show others how. Eat right, rest, get support and assistance or guidance with inner work. 

Allow for symptoms, which continue to create ups and downs, as we go though the final months of this turbulent year. There will be more political and spiritual changes. There are a lot more ‘surprises’ to come in 2019… 

New ways of learning, sharing and understanding must happen on Earth for us to truly shift…The present ways currently understood and ‘worked’ are from the ‘old’ world.

AFFIRMATION: “I am divinely guided always…”