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The Decorated House Christmas Tree 2011 copyright

‘Everything that is not, will crumble very rapidly’

TODAY: Dull, crisp, silent, wintery

WORD: Grace

COLOUR: Ice-white



I am on the outside – looking in


Do no be disturbed by the sudden shift in your schedule and your bodies very different needs. This has been a long time coming. Self care is becoming more and more important. If your attempt to live as you have done in the years that have past, you will become fragmented, exhausted, weak and unable to enjoy this time.



‘Creation is about thought and thought is about focus and focus is about feeling and feeling is about guidance and guidance is about alignment and coming into sync with who you really are.’ Draco

We are part of a world energy movement that is propelling forward rapidly, towards a boundless future. Our journey is taking us rapidly forward, sometimes with a slight wobble…Know and understand that change will come. 



‘There is more of the same to come – adapt!’

We are all experiencing emotional upsurges. For each of us it is different and therefore we manage it differently. This time on earth is a tremendous gift. Old structures and paradigms must fall away as the scales swing and consciousness shifts…

With the Winter Solstice and Christ-Mass only days away, make sure to take time for deep breaths and rest time. This time of year is great for completing old business, for dropping regrets and resentments and working on forgiveness, which will allow you to move forward more rapidly. 

I send you heartfelt  blessings for the coming Solstice and Christmas and I pray that 2019 transports you safely forward towards rich joyful experiences! 


“Something is disintegrating, and old forms are falling away. What once seemed so important no longer is.” 

AFFIRMATION: “Please forgive me, I love you….Thank you”

5 thoughts on “Adapt…

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.


  2. Thank you very much, dear Ashtara,

    Many happy returns to you and yours, well beyond the end of this ‘diminishing’ year!

    May you be well and at peace in the New ❤



  3. Thank you. A great help along this way

    Deva Sadhvi.


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