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‘Don’t try to cling to comfortable ignorance…

Jupiter is shoving us out the door.

Expand into the Unknown.’

Karen Neverland

TODAY: I sense anticipation of great change. I had very strong feelings on waking that so much is going on under the radar; that we cant even begin to comprehend!

There are things happening on every level; political, universal, personal, spiritual and from an evolutionary perspective…

These days I am living life hour by hour. Changes will occur more and more rapidly from now until well into May.

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WORD: Timelessness



To everyone I offer quietness

To everyone I offer peace of mind

To everyone I offer gentleness

This year, these past weeks have been a roller coaster ride! With magnificent highs and then the lows…Occasional nano-seconds of fear and panic seep in, followed by great hope. Days of complete weakness and a need for rest, yet a resides restlessness within. 

There have been days when I have felt introspective and alone…empty, depleted, bare…then new realisations come through! Bringing understanding and then a need to offer forgiveness…leading to inspiration and a new balance point. New understanding and acceptance are constant.

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‘We live in fragile fragments…time-warp zones.’

Our journey this year is about faith and grace. We are firmly on that path now. All our past experiences are being acknowledged and released so that we are able to recognise our journey as bringing heaven to earth. The vibration of ‘all that is new’ (5D).  

 Look at the masses you see chaos and fragmented energies…Look at your life and your belief systems. What do you see?

There is an urgent need for deeper awareness of how we live day to day – look at yourself and at friends and family. Are you cohesive, is there a common place of truth? If not, it is your own mind holding you back…

Slowly begin to make tangible changes – better still, go deeper and make real sacrifices, completely letting go of what is old and brings no real value to your life! Start small. This will lead back to balance as a human, then as a society and eventually a new world.

the golden key:angel of the dawn

I have noticed that ‘the many’ who are still ‘asleep’, are getting sick and have illnesses or injuries. From mild to severe. I have noticed it specifically in the past few weeks. Everyone is being pushed/forced to detox and to let go of the world as we knew it.

The more they/we hold onto old ways, the longer we will have issues show up…and its not easy for any human; even those of us who ‘know’ continue to hold onto the familiar…It’s human nature. We find it hard to let go and fly free! We have for so long been conditioned!



‘If you realize that all things change,

there is nothing you will try to hold on to.’

Some of us are more sensitive than others. Once you start to understand who you are and how you are reacting to outside factors in your life, you begin to make changes that are going to bring your best to every day.

If you are struggling on a certain day, breath…take it easy. Have a day of rest. The world isn’t going to go anywhere while you recover and when you’ve recovered, you can go back out into the world ready for anything!

AFFIRMATION: “Everything falls into place naturally…”

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