by divine-design

My Ramblings 1….

“This is the Time which has been predicted. And only good will come of it.” 


For the past few months I have begun to really feel the shifts and changes, they are intensifying. During this time I have begun to feel my body shifting or recalibrating….a feint quiver within. Some days, its more noticeable and stronger.

For many of us, much is surfacing all at once. And it has to be dealt with. Appreciate the lessons however they are presented. And allow the process of letting go.

I have experienced days of feeling shaky yet strong, nervous yet aware, weak yet in my power, sad but accepting, even thinking of death, yet understanding that I am ‘dying to the old’…..and ‘I AM becoming…’.

This message is to alert you all that there is a need, (now more than ever), to take extra care of yourself and your body. Because you may go through days of feeling overwhelmed, even a little crazy, or you might work hard to mask and block how you actually feel, so as to cope in your world, especially in the workplace.

However, you are dealing with all these inner and outer changes, it is your bodies that is taking strain…Please accept this and look at yourself and your life. Take extra care, rest when possible, eat nourishing meals, drink good water,  and take the right supplements.

Walk where there are trees and nature…sleep and nap whenever you can….and allow your emotions to surface. There may be feelings of nervousness, uncertainty and insecurity. Pay attention to how you are feeling, night and day…

Its your body that needs the support, as it works to keep up with all the inner and outer shifts and changes. But your mind may often override your bodies needs. Your need for support or wanting to ‘run away’ and hide may happen more often.

Gear yourself for any possible Earth changes or shifts; candles, torches, water, tinned or dried foods. Sit tight with any big decisions or long flights. Get to know yourself and become aware of what you need to let go of; jobs, home, name, friends, relationships….

Do not let fear or uncertainty stop you! Make space for your ‘next’. Embrace all that is coming towards you and who you are becoming. Keep happy and safe. Stay connected to those you trust and resonate with. Be alert to changes in you and around you. Accept that many are unaware of these changes and may be in crisis. Allow for this while you focus on taking care of you!

One thought on “My Ramblings 1….

  1. So true some days I get headaches , some days I’m just nervous , somedays just plain tired I also have a lot of good days !


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