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Searching for Answers…

‘Go inside and listen to your body, because your body will never lie to you. Your mind will play tricks, but the way you feel in your heart, in your guts, is the truth.’ 

don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements


surprisingly cool, raining after 2 days of constant chemtrails falling from above…




diamond white


at peace with the ‘such-ness’ of life… alert, focused, reverent, blessed.


 strange sleep patterns, re-balancing, food sensitivity. 


unsettled, frustrated, apathy, insomnia, tension, sinus, headaches.


“There are many windows through which we can look out into the world, searching for meaning …Most of us, when we ponder on the meaning of our existence, peer through but one of these windows onto the world. And even that one is often misted over by the breath of our finite humanity. We clear a tiny peephole and stare through. 

No wonder we are confused by the tiny fraction of a whole that we see. It is, after all, like trying to comprehend the panorama of the desert or the sea through a rolled-up newspaper.”

Jane Goodall

Don’t search for answers. Be patient with your self and your life. There are unresolved issues of the heart, but this is not the day or the time. Love and accept where you are. The storm will soon be passing.



golden child:13631382_1382487025101811_8075632404729855663_n

‘Don’t try to cling to comfortable ignorance…

Jupiter is shoving us out the door.

Expand into the Unknown.’

Karen Neverland

TODAY: I sense anticipation of great change. I had very strong feelings on waking that so much is going on under the radar; that we cant even begin to comprehend!

There are things happening on every level; political, universal, personal, spiritual and from an evolutionary perspective…

These days I am living life hour by hour. Changes will occur more and more rapidly from now until well into May.

golden child:947275_552285204794931_1259185261_n

WORD: Timelessness



To everyone I offer quietness

To everyone I offer peace of mind

To everyone I offer gentleness

This year, these past weeks have been a roller coaster ride! With magnificent highs and then the lows…Occasional nano-seconds of fear and panic seep in, followed by great hope. Days of complete weakness and a need for rest, yet a resides restlessness within. 

There have been days when I have felt introspective and alone…empty, depleted, bare…then new realisations come through! Bringing understanding and then a need to offer forgiveness…leading to inspiration and a new balance point. New understanding and acceptance are constant.

golden dolphin:944915_962057610496379_5254489642616433595_n


‘We live in fragile fragments…time-warp zones.’

Our journey this year is about faith and grace. We are firmly on that path now. All our past experiences are being acknowledged and released so that we are able to recognise our journey as bringing heaven to earth. The vibration of ‘all that is new’ (5D).  

 Look at the masses you see chaos and fragmented energies…Look at your life and your belief systems. What do you see?

There is an urgent need for deeper awareness of how we live day to day – look at yourself and at friends and family. Are you cohesive, is there a common place of truth? If not, it is your own mind holding you back…

Slowly begin to make tangible changes – better still, go deeper and make real sacrifices, completely letting go of what is old and brings no real value to your life! Start small. This will lead back to balance as a human, then as a society and eventually a new world.

the golden key:angel of the dawn

I have noticed that ‘the many’ who are still ‘asleep’, are getting sick and have illnesses or injuries. From mild to severe. I have noticed it specifically in the past few weeks. Everyone is being pushed/forced to detox and to let go of the world as we knew it.

The more they/we hold onto old ways, the longer we will have issues show up…and its not easy for any human; even those of us who ‘know’ continue to hold onto the familiar…It’s human nature. We find it hard to let go and fly free! We have for so long been conditioned!



‘If you realize that all things change,

there is nothing you will try to hold on to.’

Some of us are more sensitive than others. Once you start to understand who you are and how you are reacting to outside factors in your life, you begin to make changes that are going to bring your best to every day.

If you are struggling on a certain day, breath…take it easy. Have a day of rest. The world isn’t going to go anywhere while you recover and when you’ve recovered, you can go back out into the world ready for anything!

AFFIRMATION: “Everything falls into place naturally…”




The Decorated House Christmas Tree 2011 copyright

‘Everything that is not, will crumble very rapidly’

TODAY: Dull, crisp, silent, wintery

WORD: Grace

COLOUR: Ice-white



I am on the outside – looking in


Do no be disturbed by the sudden shift in your schedule and your bodies very different needs. This has been a long time coming. Self care is becoming more and more important. If your attempt to live as you have done in the years that have past, you will become fragmented, exhausted, weak and unable to enjoy this time.



‘Creation is about thought and thought is about focus and focus is about feeling and feeling is about guidance and guidance is about alignment and coming into sync with who you really are.’ Draco

We are part of a world energy movement that is propelling forward rapidly, towards a boundless future. Our journey is taking us rapidly forward, sometimes with a slight wobble…Know and understand that change will come. 



‘There is more of the same to come – adapt!’

We are all experiencing emotional upsurges. For each of us it is different and therefore we manage it differently. This time on earth is a tremendous gift. Old structures and paradigms must fall away as the scales swing and consciousness shifts…

With the Winter Solstice and Christ-Mass only days away, make sure to take time for deep breaths and rest time. This time of year is great for completing old business, for dropping regrets and resentments and working on forgiveness, which will allow you to move forward more rapidly. 

I send you heartfelt  blessings for the coming Solstice and Christmas and I pray that 2019 transports you safely forward towards rich joyful experiences! 


“Something is disintegrating, and old forms are falling away. What once seemed so important no longer is.” 

AFFIRMATION: “Please forgive me, I love you….Thank you”

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“Let this moment kiss the most raw and

tender spot in your heart

until you cannot help

 but surrender.”

Chameli Ardagh


TODAY: Wintery

WORD: Discernment

COLOUR: Golden



‘God….was in the food they ate, in the water they drank, in the air they breathed, in the Earth they trod on and died on, in the words they spoke, in the sleep they slept and the dreams they dreamt, in the everywhere and the everything…’

Albert Wendt – Samoan Writer 


Much has happened since 12:12:12, and at lightening speed. Yet for many it seems as if life has remained much the same. There is fear, doubt and disenchantment, even disbelief about any positive changes or ‘new planet’ showing up. We look at the news or posts on FB and we see cruelty, ugliness and a total lack of love for anything on this sweet Earth. 

If you think back…it has been suggested by many sources, over and over for us all to clear the decks, look to thyself, do the ‘work’, heal yourself, let go of what does not serve, surrender, release old negativity etc. 

Yet, many have sat there waiting, wanting to show love, and expecting to see a shiny bright ‘new world’, with little personal effort involved. Have you become more centred and aligned. Have you cleared old stagnant patterns, let go of old dramas and negative relationships? 

Perhaps the many do not know how? We must each find our own way…

glastonbury sunrise:_n

I have constantly reminded people, that it would get much worse before it got better! Those entrenched in the ‘old ways’ using power games, fear based tactics or control, because of their greed – are not going to simply stop, hand over power and wealth to the masses, or change their way of being! 

What is occurring now, for most nations and the collective consciousness, is exposure of the TRUTH. Not easy to face, either.

From the cellular to the world itself, everything around us looks to be in chaos. Which we need to understand. This is how it must be, before real lasting change can manifest. This is how we evolve as a species and as a planet. It will take time, much more time…



In the past year especially, I have become an observer. Having spent many years preparing talks, speeches, lectures & presenting information of possible ‘happenings’ that are only now unfolding. I en-lightened, supported and shared. I spoke for years about change, how to prepare yourself properly, of events on the way, of new keys to consciousness and more. 

This week a friend announced to me; “nothing is ever going to change, its just what you have chosen to believe…” To that I say; be very aware of how this year has unfolded, be observant. I suggest you use more discernment with the overload of information pouring forth. Look at the global picture from a higher perspective. 

Yes, there are many concepts to swallow and politically you may need to put all the scaremongering and ‘drama’ aside, but be alert and aware of what can, is already, or is yet to unfold, on Earth…

As dark powers continue to hold on tightly at any cost, including death, destruction, distraction, control – in a variety of ways, know that we can be affected if we are not physically and spiritually prepared. 

Sit quietly and watch, be clear of mind and body. Keep working on yourself, in the best way you know how…


“Sometimes the hardest but most valuable thing to do is nothing.” 


Become as clear and clean as you can and become more self assured about what you do believe. Be compassionate and aware of the many belief systems out there, and remain strong in your own choices. 

Judge nothing but keep an enquiring mind. Be as compassionate and understanding as you are able…Become the watcher, the listener, the Beacon of Truth and Light…show others how. Eat right, rest, get support and assistance or guidance with inner work. 

Allow for symptoms, which continue to create ups and downs, as we go though the final months of this turbulent year. There will be more political and spiritual changes. There are a lot more ‘surprises’ to come in 2019… 

New ways of learning, sharing and understanding must happen on Earth for us to truly shift…The present ways currently understood and ‘worked’ are from the ‘old’ world.

AFFIRMATION: “I am divinely guided always…”


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The Silent Eye

Paper poppies bloom, as fragile as the lives they represent. Every year it is the same, I try to find some way of saying what is in my heart and the words will not come.  I was not there, I have no right to speak of war and its atrocities. I have not seen it with my own eyes. I have never aimed a gun at another human being and been faced with the choice whether to kill or be killed. I have not tried to sleep in cold mud made from the earth of a foreign land mingled with the blood of my comrades. I have not lost my child to war.

I have no right to speak, but nor have I the right to remain silent when the price of my freedom to speak was so high. I have a duty to my own conscience and to all…

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Simple advice for mental health: pause and notice


There is often a harmony between ancient stories and modern psychology. Yesterday’s reading in the Catholic liturgy reminded us to “stay awake“. When the Buddha started to teach, he met some who,  recognizing something special in him, asked: “Are you a god?” He simply replied: “I am awake.”

So…. staying aware of what is around us, pausing and noticing –  not taking small things too seriously or getting submerged in the worries of this Monday –  seems to be related to psychological health.

Goethe gives us a simple practical way :

A man should hear a little music,

read a little poetry,

and see a fine picture every day of his life,

in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful

which God has implanted in the human soul.


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