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True Faith

And so it is….

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True faith is complete
unquestioning acceptance,
certainty. We do not need
to know how, when, where
for we know all is part of the
Divine plan which is always
for our highest good. Faith
is sweet surrender, total
unconscious belief–no
effort is required. It just is.

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Surrendering to Your Personal Evolution…

The mind craves the false security of answers, authorities, belief systems, techniques and methods.

But true freedom is right here in the absolute simplicity of what is. ♥ 

~Joan Tollifson



DAY: ever changing, strong wind, sun, rain, cloud, blue sky

WORD: acceptance

COLOUR: magenta

FEELING: on the outside – looking in

BODY: aching

THE COLLECTIVE: Your recent discomforts have been a trigger and a remembering, nothing more. And from that, a deeper understanding of the depth and breadth of the power and the emotions of ‘now-time.’

INSIGHTS: Develop a simple daily regime, with head, heart and body. Keep your mind positive, work with forgiveness for this will take you further. Expect days of high emotions allowing time for self forgiveness and release. Do not fear the responsibility of this task.