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December – Ison – Numerology – New Moon…

Ancient worlds and New worlds will collide and merge.

Outer plane activity is plentiful,

as inner energies and intergalactic beings support this experiment.”


Month : December is the 12th month of the year (numerology = 12)

Year:  2013  (numerology = 2+0+1+3 = 6)
Universal Energy for December 2013 = 9   (12+6=18, 1+8 = 9)

The number ‘9’ represents completion and endings.  A universal ‘9’ month is a time to acknowledge how far you have come and reflect on your lessons/learnings this past cycle, embracing the wisdom of the journey, then taking on board those learnings in order to prepare for a new cycle.

In a ‘9’ universal month you will ‘reap what you have sown’…. ie what you have woven into the fabric of your life over the last cycle will be presented to you in all its glory.  If you do not like what it is before you, then a ‘9’ universal month is a perfect opportunity for you to re-evaluate you life (career, relationships, finances… everything !) and begin the next month with a new outlook which matches your life envisioning.  What better time to do this that with the passing of Comet ISON this month on the 26/27 December 2013 >>

Many of us in a ‘9’ universal month can feel a bit edgy…. as you sit of the precipice of a whole now cycle which begins the following month.  You may feel like you have outgrown every thing in your life, and what you used to love just doesn’t have the same appeal any more.   My advice would be to hang in there, have gratitude and appreciation for what you have been blessed with this past 9 month cycle.. and with that gratitude you can then embrace the following month with wild abandon !

The moon and its position within our celestial sky holds a powerful frequency that affects our day to day beingness here on Earth.  The moons electro-magnetic influence as it waxes and wanes each month effects our physiology, our emotional/mental responses and spiritual potential.

The energy from the New Moon up to the Full Moon is gradually building in strength and intensity;  thus the New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects for the forthcoming cycle.Full Moon energy is powerful as its resonance reaches a peak; thus is the time to consciously connect with/analyse your previous New Moon goals.

From Full Moon to the New Moon the energy is gradually decreasing in strength and intensity… thus is a time to release and let go of any areas in your life that no longer serve your higher purpose.  The Full Moon is a perfect time to connect in ceremony (personal or group), light a candle and release/transmute through sacred ritual that which no longer serves.



Tuesday, 3 December 2013, 11:22 am
Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Sun – now, Identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression
Sagittarius (Fire) – freedom, leadership, adventure, spiritual, optimistic

This new moon is a very personal time, a time to go within and view your issues with power.  Do you own your own power, do you give your power away to others, do you miss-use your power to control – and in acknowledging the truth we have the power to transform and change.

This new moon is the time to make your ‘creative manifestation list’ and add the necessary ‘fire’ to it to make it real and manifest in your life.

Maybe a little new moon ceremony to honour and acknowledge all you have learnt and re-remembered over 2013, and then to dedicate your intent for 2013.  A perfect day to awaken and give life to new energy leading up to Comet ISON passing Earth on the 26/27 Dec 2013.

At this ‘fiery’ new moon move within and feel the infinite Joy, Freedom, excitement and passion for life that exists within you.  Shine that light brightly on the inside in order to illuminate others.

Thanks to Simone Matthews