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The Destination is Your Heart…


We live countless lives
On a journey that seems unending…
Yet our destination is no further
Than our hearts!

TODAY: Its still dark out there…a sacred silence, the world is asleep around me…peace.

IN ONE WORD: Acceptance




“Life is layers upon layers of brilliance

and pain and loss

and gain and grief

and guilt and celebration and rapture.”

Jeanette Le Blanc

I am awake, yet totally exhausted – alert on so many levels, yet gentle and strengthened, yet timeless…


PHYSICALLY: Many of us need more rest, sleep has been erratic this week. Headachy, scratchy tired eyes…hot and cold during the night…chocolate needed!


“The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Uncertainty may be clouding how you see yourself. And hindering your progress forward. Once you overcome this you will be ready and able to step into who you truly are. Owning all the emotions around us and merging fully our true self.

Be touched and inspired, whilst you take one last look at the patterns and habits that are about to be shed!



“Learn to have a sense of the sacredness of all men and women,

and behind their clothes and the form of their faces and bodies,

you will discover their Spirits and Souls

which are sons and daughters of God.”

Omraam Aivanhov

Its time to create a new space that reflects who you truly are. Then, let your head rest…
Be aware of what you still need to let go of; jobs, home, name, friends, ‘stuff”, relationships. Do not let fear or uncertainty stop you…

Make space for your ‘next’. Embrace all that is coming towards you and who you are becoming. Accept that many are unaware of the changes that may come about, and often feel overwhelmed by life. Allow this to be so, while you focus on taking care of yourself!


‘See the invisible, hear the unspoken, feel the light, smell the consciousness –

you are on the right path to find yourself.’



‘When we see beauty within ourselves,

our hearts become like suns,

radiating love to everyone we encounter

on our journey back home…’

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Are You Truly Awake…


‎‎”Once you are truly Awake, you will have no interest in waiting for, watching or judging those who sleep.”

TODAY: Dark, gloomy, intense – heavy low clouds…the past few days have been cold with blustery winds, at time becoming strong. A sign that days for snuggling, hibernating and introspection are upon us, here…Not forgetting the potent effect of the 2nd Eclipse yesterday.

ONE WORD: Acceptance



HOW I FEEL: Motivation came in waves…or a complete lack of it! Living in isolation almost, but often a strong need to be out in a bright moving world! Ah, the shifts, changes, ideas, creations! Ecstatic moments of otherworldly energies, messages, insights, nudges and alchemical action…

Days of intense energies all around me and in me, downloads, then depletion. Occasional fear and panic, followed by great hope and expansive powers! Other moments of complete weakness and a need for rest, yet there has been much restlessness.

Reliving the past and often sensing the future, then back into the past…finally letting go! Over and over and over! Always forgiving, always understanding, always embracing all that is new.



“During this time we must sit in our small and near invisible boats,

on a still and glassy surface,

with no one in it but ourselves,

with nothing on the horizon, and with no oars.

Our boats are being expertly navigated by a band of angels

who are tending to our every need while we sit seemingly helpless in the land of nothing.”

Karen Bishop

Do not become cynical or judge the Old. Let it be part of your past, no more…Many around you will want to engage you with their fears and cynicism, know that you are worthy and that in you heart of hearts you understand…



“Learn to have a sense of the sacredness of all men and women,

and behind their clothes and the form of their faces and bodies,

you will discover their Spirits and Souls which are sons and daughters of God.”

Omraam Aivanhov

This message is to alert you all that there is a need, (now more than ever), to take extra care of yourself and your body. Because either you are feeling levels of overwhelm, even a little crazy (in a serious way), or you are working hard to mask and block how you feel – to cope in your world, especially in the workplace. However you are dealing with all these inner and outer changes, it is our bodies that are taking strain…Please accept this and look at yourself and your life.

In the next ±10 weeks take extra care, rest when possible, eat nourishing meals, drink good water,  and take the right supplements.** Pay attention to how you are feeling, and what you are thinking. Walk where there are trees and nature…sleep and nap whenever you can. Allow your emotions to surface. There may be feelings of nervousness, uncertainty and insecurity. Its your body that needs the support, but your mind will try to override your bodies needs.


AFFIRMATION: “I let go of the control of my mental mind. I connect to the love and wisdom of my heart.”

‘You are the key that unlocks the secrets…

You are the alchemist who mixes the ingredients and has the secrets to create eternal life …

you are everlasting and eternal life…’

Judith Kusel

**I suggest you use the Colour Matrix – Ascension Support Remedies daily, especially the Orange (shock-absorber) and Blue (inner peace)