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Allow the Pause…

Everything you want is coming.

Relax and let the Universe pick the timing and the way.

You just trust that it is coming and watch how fast it comes.

Abraham Hicks


DAY: cool, damp, changeable, expansive (?)

WORD: allow

COLOUR: golden yellow

FEELING: empowered

BODY: ever changing

THE COLLECTIVE: Frustration and recently impatience….as we straddle two worlds…

INSIGHTS: Allow the pause….we are betwixt and between….Dance, sing, walk, run, play…then rest, allow it, nap, dream, sit idle…its ok. Begin to focus on building a bridge to your power, by focusing your intent on living in joy, love, play, abundance. Become aware of thoughts, and remove any negative or limiting barriers to your truth and personal power.

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Soul Self…

“What we forget is that at the centre of it all there waits for us a sacred emptiness, a spaciousness, a stillness that renews and lets us remember who and what we are.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer – The Dance

michaels cover

DAY: hazy, unsettled, clouds lifting…

MOOD: introspective

WORD: searching

COLOUR: royal blue

FEELING: pleased

BODY: settling

THE COLLECTIVE: fatigued, fearful

INSIGHTS: the more we rush and push for change or results in our lives, the less we achieve this. The more we push, the further we are from our center and from our higher connection with Soul and with God/dess…

Bring yourself back to yourself in a way that allows for that connection, that depth of feeling, that calm and reverent softness….that fills the gap without action.